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How to Join City of Heroes: Rebirth (a guide)

Welcome to City of Heroes Rebirth! This guide is being written to walk you through the registration and downloading process to the City of Heroes: Rebirth server. These steps may seem similar to the steps taken to join o…

2 July 18, 2019
Join the City of Heroes (Rebirth) Discord Server!

Linked above is the official City of Heroes: Rebirth Server.

2 July 18, 2019
About the News and Announcements, Important Info category 1 July 16, 2019
Minor Game Update: Supergroup Base Lag 1 August 12, 2019
Update on Pleaides Transfers, Emergency Maintenance 1 August 1, 2019
Welcome to Redditors! Plus Hero Pack Snafu, and talking of Community Projects 1 July 30, 2019
Game Server Restored, My Thanks 1 July 29, 2019
Extended Maintenance 3 July 29, 2019
July 28th Patch Notes: Vendor Updates AKA We're Sorry the Summer Blockbuster Event was Busted 13 July 28, 2019
Rebirth Official Costume Contest: 8/02/2019 1 July 26, 2019
Word of Caution - New Registrations 5 July 29, 2019