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Weekday Evening Incarnate Raids w/D'Spite (Tue - Fri 8:15pm PDT / 11:15pm EDT / 5:15am CEST) [Ongoing]

General Incarnate trial league forming up weekday nights. Trials run will depend on group makeup, requests will of course be attempted if feasible. One of these nights will soon be reserved for more advanced things such…

5 August 31, 2019
Project E4E Mothership Raid (Sat 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 8pm CEST) [Ongoing]

Ever wanted to punch 500 or more Rikti in the face? Now you can. Every Saturday in the Rikti War Zone we’re assaulting the mothership not once, but twice! Event rundown Everyone gathers at the fort in Point du Hoc. O…

4 August 30, 2019
About the Looking for Group / Events category 1 August 26, 2019
ahem....HAMI RAID...that is all (Saturday September 21, 2019, 1:00pmEST) 23 September 19, 2019
Let's all test out the Guardian together 2 September 20, 2019
iTrials for science ( Today (11th) starting around or after 6:30 pm) 2 September 13, 2019
Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force 2 August 31, 2019
European Version Incarnate League needs a new schedule! 3 August 30, 2019