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LIVE SERVER - April 17 2022 - Ri3
« on: April 17, 2022, 10:02:28 pm »
New to Rebirth? Interested in checking out our server? Start here:
Need help? Join our Discord:

Issue 3: Highflyers! brings over 800 new cosmetic options to players!

Rebirth's costume revamp soars to new heights with asymmetric chest and hips for male characters! And we didn't stop there: there's a bevy of new options for both male and female costumes, including Arm Wings and many more expert layering options for Integrated Tights!

And if that’s not enough, we’ve added two automatic Inherent Slots in Health and Stamina, adding four whole new slots to your endgame builds! Keep reading for details.

Upper Body Details

Arm wings, that classic staple of many a comic book character, have been added to male and female characters! Several styles and multiple coloration schemes.

Additional upper body details include Freakshow inspired regulator tubes, hardboiled shoulder holsters, Anime-tastic midriff spicules, and an entire library of hazard vests.

Asymmetric Chest and Hip Patterns for Males

Standard Male characters will now have access to the entire library of asymmetric chest and hip patterns introduced for Female characters with Issue 3. Over 100 new pattern options, seamlessly woven through the legacy library!

Integrated Tights Added to Males! Female Integrated Tights Options Expanded!

Take your costume game to the next level! With Issue 3: Highflyers!, male and female characters can take advantage of newly expanded integrated tights options. This advanced costuming feature allows players unprecedented power to mix and match over tights and under materials.
With version 1.5 of this system, players can now layer skin tight garments over a variety of under surfaces including stone, bioluminescence, chitin, and chainmail. And then choose which layer gets patterned!

To get started with integrated tights, seek out any of the following base textures and then dive into the sub options:

Male Chest: Belly Tee Long or Short, Deep Vee, High Waistline, Modern Angle, Modern Halter, Moden Singlet, Retro Singlet, Reverse Halter

Male Hips: Biking Shorts, Briefs, Modern Briefs, Retro Briefs

Female Chest: Bustier, Catsuit, Halter Top, Leotard High Hip, Leotard Turtleneck High Hip, Single Shoulder Halter

Female Hips: Leotard Briefs, Leotard High Hip, Retro Briefs

Pants Revamp!

The pants make the man! Options first introduced with Issue 2 for females are now fully available for male characters. Revisit the 1970’s with flares and bell bottoms. Go full superspy in a leather catsuit. Fly high into the golden age in Aeronaut jodhpurs. Evade your nemesis in High Street Houndstooth. Or just turn up in the shiniest pair of skin tight metallic pants known to mankind!

Asymmetric Pattern Proliferation for Female Skirts

Mod-out with a variety of new skirt and dress looks now with the expansion of Issue 2 asymmetric patterns to female skirts!

Inherent Slots in Health and Stamina Powers

Back in the NC Live days, Paragon devs said, “We hear you! You want more power slots. We’re investigating ways to make this happen.” Though we’ll never know exactly how Paragon may have done this, we’ve expanded upon some stubs in the code to finish one avenue that gives everyone 4 additional slots for their builds in a way that we think makes sense to most every build out there.

At levels 8 and 16, all characters will automatically receive one free slot in their Health power. Stamina gets its free slots at 12 and 22.

To obtain these slots existing characters will need to use a respec. We are handing out free respecs to every character at the launch of issue 3, to use these respecs type /respec into the chat window. For more, watch this brief tutorial video by GM El Bee.

Coming soon: Support for Inherent Slots on Mid's Reborn character build planner tool! Special thanks to the Mid's Reborn team for their assistance.

Team Transport Power Available for Alignment Merits

Heroes and Villains now can now use their alignment merits & influence to call in a Longbow transport or Arachnos copter for a quick shuttle to their next mission destination. Charges can be purchased at the Hero and Villain alignment vendors.

Quality of Life Changes

Call in some big guns! Now 90% off! Signature Summons powers available at Hero and Villain Alignment vendors have had their price reduced from 25 to 2.5 million influence.

Spend that candy year round! A revamped Candy Cane vendor has been added to Pocket D just outside the ski slope entrance allowing players to buy badges, cosmetics, and the Lords of Winter Super Pack any time of year.

Buy it in bulk! The Architect Entertainment ticket cap has been raised to 99,999 per character, with a mission limit of 2,039 tickets per mission. New bulk purchase buttons added to common salvage.

With great power comes more trays! Fourth dockable power tray added to the UI with all new commands for macro users.

New commands available include:

Code: [Select]
next_tray_alt3 - Go to next tertiary tray.
prev_tray_alt3 - Go to previous tertiary tray.
goto_tray_alt3 - Go to specified tray number.
tray_sticky_alt3 - Toggle the sticky-state of the alt3 tray.
powexec_alt3slot - Executes the given power slot from the second alternate tray.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected oversight on Mastermind Cold Domination not having boostsets. They should now properly take sets.
  • Mastermind pets can once again slot Recharge Intensive Pet invention sets.
  • Fixed Guardian Spring Attack incorrectly dealing no damage, it now does damage as normal.
  • Guardian Hellfire Assault's Lash and Crack Whip now correctly use the melee damage table instead of ranged.
  • Controller Darkness Affinity's Fade is no longer affected by power boost effects; this should never have been possible as it leads to a bug with the resistance values.
  • Dominator Psionic Mastery's Link Minds can now correctly be affected by power boost effects.
  • The resistance buff in Nature Affinity's Wild Growth is no longer resistable. (This bug did not affect the Guardian version.)
  • Rain of Arrows should now correctly deal all 3 ticks of damage again instead of 2.
  • Fixed missing animation on Telekinetic Blow for all Psionic Melee versions and Guardian Psionic Assault.
  • Fixed missing sound in Hellfire Smash for Guardian's Hellfire Assault.

  • The Tech Knight mace and staff now have the energy ball correctly positioned at the end of the weapon instead of being stuck to the character's hand.
  • The Tech Knight mace and staff now correctly despawn when the character uses a non-weapon power.

  • Overt 500 grahmathical grammatical and! spelling errors have been andresed adresed fixed.

Rebirth Issue 3 Highflyers Trailer

Issue 6 has been released! You can find the patch notes here:,3735.0.html


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Update Regarding the FreeSpec
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2022, 11:15:18 am »
Morning all! Just here with an addendum to this.

Last week, the freespecs (or GM respec) weren't granted out properly. (For the technically inclined, I relearned this weekend that: NULL + x = NULL.)

So this weekend during the reset, we'll be granting out the respecs AGAIN to ALL characters. (Be sure to follow El Bee's tutorial again in the announcement thread.)

In addition, since there are a LOT of new costume pieces that everyone is likely itching to get a chance to use... I went ahead and scripted up ften free tailor sessions AND ten discounted tailor sessions for everyone to use. (When you visit the Facemaker, the tailor will try to use the Free Sessions first and then any discounts after that.)

Going forward, whenever we have a major change in powers, we'll be granting a respec to all characters on the server that were made before the maintenance window to deploy. If there are a ton of cosmetic changes, we'll add in some free tokens too.

If there are any problems, feel free to reach out to us on the Discord via the PPD Drone chat!

Happy hunting all!