Author Topic: FOCUSED FEEDBACK: Issue 6 - New costume parts  (Read 95 times)


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FOCUSED FEEDBACK: Issue 6 - New costume parts
« on: July 02, 2023, 06:08:11 pm »
Use this thread to post any feedback you have about the new costume parts in Rebirth Issue 6. The relevant sections of the patch notes are reproduced below.


New Costume Parts

We've added a number of new costume pieces that are sure to help fill thematic gaps!
  • Turtleneck Collar for Male and Female (Detail 2)
    • Leather, Fleece, Cotton, Zipped Fleece, and Zipped Cotton variants
  • Headscarf for Male and Female (Hair/Detail 2)
    • Hair variant has an extra colorable layer underneath the hood, Detail 2 variant is tight to the head and fits under hats/helmets
  • Graphic Cropped Tee for Female (Upper Body Detail)
    • Features most chest emblems as shirt prints! Will be updated with the full library over time (This is a deeply tedious process, forgive me)
  • Fingerless Tights for all body types
    • Supports glove diversification sub-textures, and patterns over the fingerless tights

Updated Costume Parts

Fighter Gloves are now available on both Male and Huge body types.  They can also be paired with Jackets for all three body types.  Additionally, finger textures have been integrated into the Fighter Gloves allowing you to choose hundreds of variations.

The Shinobi Scarf and Shinobi Headband/Blindfold can now be paired with Full Mask, Half Helmet, and Full Helmet categories.

Detail (2) Expansions

Certain Face Detail 2 options for Male and Female are now nested in sub-categories, as opposed to listing separately. If you're not finding one in the menu, it's probably in a sub-menu! This was a technical change necessitated by certain Detail 2 work.
  • Shinobi Scarf's "For Capes" variant is now a sub-option
  • Bubble Helmet's breather and tube variants are now sub-options
  • Cosmic Corsair's Tube variant is now a sub-option
  • Metal Plate is now a sub-option of Plate
  • Turtleneck Collar's texture variants are all sub-options

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