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Title: Ah, what fun it must have been to work at cryptic studios or paragon
Post by: Joshex on July 23, 2021, 02:08:51 pm
Boss: "make like 10 different rigid-body books players can kick around the libraries"
Employee: "Ok, history, some art thing, some tech looking thing, ahh.. what other book names can I make I've run out of ideas!"

Boss: "good work so far keep it up"

Employee: "he.. didn't notice! no one will ever find out.. well Ok then, it is that time. what should I make a book about, I really need a break to use the toilet but the boss wants these done with no breaks.. wait thats perfect!"


"they wont find that one for years. think he'll get the message? wait who am I psionically asking?"


"I'll just throw one here too."


"and here."


"can't forget to sink one into the bookshelf"


"here have another"


"can't forget to drop one right near you sunshine"

"Poop everywhere! best part is because they are rigid body players can knock them on the floor then it's POOP time on the floor! get it? ah i am easily amused.."

"Next I'm gonna make a monkey enemy and make it throw poop."

Boss: "good job on the books, I need you to work on the rikti"

employee: "can I make an alien monkey that throws poop?"

Boss: "umm.. no."

employee: "please? pretty please with sugar on?"

Boss: "mm it's goign against my best judgement.. but.. lets call it a rikti monkey fart and make it toxic"

employee: "AHAHAHAH thats a good one man! brilliant!"

a great read for when you're down in the sewers. or at least when your mouth is.