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General / MOVED: Build: Nature/Fire Defender
« on: April 18, 2021, 11:14:50 pm »
This topic has been moved to newly created  Defender.

Calendar / Spring Fling will run until the 3/7 Sunday reset.
« on: February 28, 2021, 09:21:00 pm »
Spring Fling will be EXTENDED for one week due to the delays in getting it properly turned on.

The event will continue until the 3/7 Sunday reset.

Screenshots and Vids / My 'final' screenshot
« on: February 25, 2021, 06:57:36 am »
So this is what I thought would be my final screen shot:

After the live servers were shutdown, the test server went for another 30 odd minutes which is why I have Street Justice/Bio armor as power sets for my final moment.

Anyone else keep a screen shot of the last momment? Live or test.

Trading Board / Have Costume recipe: Excaliber
« on: February 25, 2021, 02:51:37 am »
Can't currently put it on the market, but would swap via email for a 1 million inf.

"This recipe, when crafted, will give the crafting character the ability to add Excalibur at the Tailor. This costume piece is usable by any character who uses Titan Weapons. "

Player Help/Guides / SG/VG BASE MACROS are enabled on Rebirth
« on: February 25, 2021, 02:29:05 am »
With your SG leader character, use
/sgpasscode passcode
Make sure your passcode is word(s) related to your sg name (unless you want it weird for some reason)
Take note of the response from the game, as it tacks on a hyphen and a number to your passcode.

Then once you have it, use:
/macro Base "enterbasefrompasscode passcode" on any character and they will pop right to the base.
You can use the macro_image stuff from my post above if you want to get real fancy!
/macroimage Veteran_TeleportBase is the icon for the one we already have

Examples (and Nod is happy for you to use their bases to get around).

/macro_image InherentBase_Furnace TheProject "enterbasefrompasscode TheProject-16"

First room on the right has teleport beacons to all blueside locations!

/macro_image InherentBase_Anger NOGOOD "enterbasefrompasscode NoGood-179"

Player Help/Guides / Pow_exec_Location and Macro image
« on: February 25, 2021, 02:22:57 am »
What and Why Pow_Exec_Location:

Pow_exec_location is a fantastic command that can be used from the command line, or in macros and key binds.

It allows you to use ground based location powers without need to click on the ground.

An example would be The Ouroboros Portal, in the past you'd have to select the power and the click on the ground so the portal appears at that spot. With Pow_exec_location, instead you just activate the macro/bind/chat command, and that’s it. Out comes the portal.
Similar powers that are useful to use with pow_exec_location are the various teleports, summoning patches like Freezing rain or caltrops and many more.

This saves looking for the mouse in crowded screens, and saves a few seconds each power activation. It also enables a more mouseless play style.

The format of Pow_Exec_Location:

Pow_exec_location <location> <powername>

Every Powexeclocation (the underscores are optional) needs a location and power name to function.   

Choices for the location keyword are Target, Me and Direction:Distance.

Target: The power will activate around the targeted enemy or friend (as long as the power is within range). This is useful for things like bonfire or freezing rain to center it directly on an enemy.
It can also be used for things like centering Nature Affinity’s Life Giving Spores on the tank charging up ahead, as pow_exec_loaction uses either an ally or enemy (whoever is selected in the targeting recticle).

Examples: (The command is in italics)
•   "Powexeclocation Target Shield Charge" will teleport the caster next to the selected target  and activate Shield Charge.
•   "Powexeclocation Target Spirit Tree" will activate the power and place the spirit tree near the selected target (team mate or enemy).
•   "Powexeclocation Target Blizzard " would centre the Blizzard power on the ground next to the selected target.

Me: Centers the effect of the power on yourself. No need to have anything selected, the power will activate as if cast by your character’s feet.

•   "Powexeclocation me lifegiving spores" would activate the power directly under the character.
•   "Powexeclocation me summon demonlings" spawns the demonlings by the caster’s side.
•   "Powexeclocation me bonfire" will center a bonfire directly under the character.

Direction:Distance: This can be either cardinal (i.e.  forward, back, left, right, up, down) or  direction the camera is facing (using keyword Camera) with a distance (in game feet measurements) or Max for the maximum distance of that power.

•   "powexeclocation forward:12 Ouroboros Portal" will place an Ouroboros portal 12 feet in front of the caster.
•   "Powexelocation forward:max Shadow Step" teleports the user as far as the power range forwards.
•   "Powexecloaction camera:max shadowstep" teleports the user as far as the power range in the direction the camera is facing.
•   "Powexeclocation backwards:10 shadow step" will turn the character around and teleport 10 feet away from the caster.
•   "Powexeclocation left:5 recall friend" will turn the character to the left, and then teleport the selected teammate 5 feet from the caster

Macros and Binds.

Using pow_exec_location in macros and binds is similar to any other power, including using $$ to use more than one command (but not more than one power).

/macro <macroname> <powexeclocation command>
/bind <keyname> <powexeclocation command>

eg  to make a macro to summon a team mate while warning them could use "/macro RF “powexeclocation forward:5 recall friend$$tell $target, Boo” " and a bind might use "/bind Shift+R “powexeclocation forward:5 recall friend$$tell $target, Boo”"

Macro Image

You can use the macro_image command to make your macro have the ‘correct’ power icon

 /macro_image “Image_Name” “Tooltip Text” “Command”

So using this with powexeclocation for recall friend with a warning message:

/macro_image “Teleportation_RecallTeleport” “Recall” “powexeclocation forward:5 recall friend$$tell $target, Boo”

This creates an icon in the power tray that looks like recall friend, and can be used and edited like a normal macro. It won't show the cool down counter.

You’re also not limited to using the ‘correct’ image for the macro. You can use any image that any in game power uses, providing you know the name.

Thanks to “Antaniserse” via reddit, here is a fantastic list of the different powers and possible images to use:

Binding to the tray.

I really like to see the cool down counters on many powers, so using macro_image isn’t for me.
Sometimes I want to lay out a power normally too, when there is no target (prepping for that Malta ambush) so I use bind the powexeclocation command to the power tray. This is because I most often use the keyboard to activate powers, if you use mainly the mouse this won't be helpful.

So if I have my Freezing Rain in my top of three trays in the third column spot, normal use would be to press Control+3, then using the mouse to select the location. I imitate this using: 
   /bind control+3 “powexeclocation target freezing rain”

Now I can use control+3 on the keyboard, and freezing rain executes on selected target and the icon displays the count down timer. I can also click the power icon, and select the location manually when I want.

The down side, if I move the power from it's spot in my trays, control+3 is still going to try to fire off the freezing rain command regardless on what is actually in that row/column, requiring me to either rebind that spot, or use “/unbind Control+3” to go back to normal.
You can use /showbind <key> eg  /showbind control+3 to see what's currently bound.

AE/Mission Architect / Want Dev's choice for your AE?
« on: February 25, 2021, 01:52:54 am »
Hello Heroes and Villains, and anything in-between.

Dev's choice on a story arc created in AE will allow players to choose between getting AE ticket or normal rewards (recipes, salvage, etc) for defeating mobs and completing the mission. It also grants the creator an extra slot to make another story arc.

If you want your story arc to be played, and possibly promoted to a Dev's Choice, then please leave your mission ID and/or name of the mission below.

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