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Live Bug Reporting / Damage for Defender and Corrupter
« on: June 29, 2021, 09:13:45 pm »
Is the damage for Defenders and Corrupters reversed?

1)  The information when creating a ranged character appears to be mixed up so I took two characters in to check out, a Defender and a Corrupter.  Both were using the exact same powers and level 1 fighting the exact same type mobs.  Their attack power was the first fire attack.  I expected the Defender to do a little less damage but he does more according to the combat log (7.95 counting the burn afterward vs 7.65 for the Corrupter).  I then checked Blaster and Guardian using the same starting attack.  Blaster was 9.35 as expected.  Guardian was 7.56.  So the ranged damage hierarchy currently appears to be:


Edit:  I also just ran the same test using a different power set.  Same results.  Defender is doing more damage than the Corrupter in actual combat.

I know Defender is supposed to be less damaging than a corrupter and better at buffs/debuffs.  Right now that isn't the case.

Perhaps the Defender and Corrupter have been reversed.  I don't have a way of checking the debuff strengths in game other than to trust the details screen but these two classes have at least their damage reversed.  The details screen for damage powers in game lists the Defender as doing less damage than the Corrupter but it isn't doing so in actual combat, both by the damage log numbers and by how many attacks have to land to defeat the same mob.

2)  Pertaining to the mixed up character creation detail screens I mentioned at the start, Blaster and Corrupter damage information in the character creator for all attacks of these two classes appears to be backward.  Corrupter lists higher damage than any other ranged class when looking at their details screen while creating a character (even though it currently is behind Defender in game).  Meanwhile the Blaster's detail screen lists it second behind Corrupter when creating a character (but is still the best damage in the actual game as they should be).

The bottom line is that Corruter appears to be messed up both in the Character Creator details and more importantly in the actual game, with Defender getting a stealth buff in the process.

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