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General / Updated Mids
« on: June 27, 2021, 06:12:19 pm »
I am working on a version of Mids Reborn that better reflects the numbers on Rebirth.

So far these are the ATs that have been fixed on it.
- Blasters
- Guardians
- Scrappers

If there are any errors in the numbers or any other problems, then message me at @Nekrovile on discord. That will give me the information the fastest. I will update this post with the newest edition once I am done working on it and I will post patch notes below.

This version of Mids may not be the same type that you are used to. This newer version allows modifiers to be changed to better reflect the numbers of Rebirth. The database in this download only has the numbers for some ATs. The numbers for all of the other archetypes may not reflect the numbers at Rebirth yet. I will be updating this overtime. A version that will be easier to download will be available eventually.

You can read the patch notes if you scroll down.

Special thanks to the people at the Mids Reborn Team. They are doing all of the real work on mids. I am just messing with the database to match the numbers on Rebirth.

Live Bug Reporting / Potential Errors with Powers
« on: June 05, 2021, 02:41:54 pm »
(Edit: I changed this thread to be a place where I can post other potential errors, so they are easy to find. Just because I post something here, doesn't mean it is going to be changed. Some of these things may be intentional.)

I noticed some powers are behaving slightly differently in PvP. I am not sure if these are intended by the original devs.

- In PvP, Boxing from the Fighting pool does not have an increased chance to stun when taking kick. In PvE, it does.
- Cross Punch from the Fighting pool has a smaller chance to stun when used in PvP.
- The power Injection from the Medicine pool has a stronger To-Hit debuff in PvP.
- This isn't a PvP error, but Rune of Protection from the Sorcery pool does not mention the small crash that it has.
- Whirlwind in the Speed pool has a stronger knockback in PvP.

Live Bug Reporting / Staff Melee Sky Splitter Scaling
« on: April 17, 2021, 12:53:48 pm »
TLDR: Sky Splitter's buffs scale off of enemy level.

In Staff Melee, you can use Sky Splitter when you have three stacks of one of the forms of Staff Mastery to get a buff. The strength of the buff changes depending on what level the enemy is. For example, three levels of Perfection body normally gives around 9% resistance to everything. If you are level 50 and use it against a really low level enemy, then you will get around 58% to everything. This is a problem when fighting higher level enemies. If you are level 50 and use it against a level 54 enemy, then you will get only around 4% resistance. This punishes Staff Melee characters when playing harder content.

(Almost Tested) Bug Reporting / Super Reflexes Feedback Thread
« on: March 02, 2021, 03:56:36 pm »
There was not a thread for feedback on Super Reflexes, so I just decided to make one.

The stalker version of Practiced Brawler, Quickness, and Elude cannot use healing IOs. The scrapper, brute, and tanker versions can. All versions can use healing SOs just fine.

The tanker version of Elude cannot use universal travel IOs. The scrapper, brute, and stalker versions can. I assume this was an error by the original devs.

Trading Board / Nekrovile's ATO Trade Post
« on: February 21, 2021, 12:38:03 am »
Here are the ATOs that I have for trade. I am okay trading any of these for almost any another ATO. I just don't want an ATO if I already have 2 of it on this list.
If you want to trade, then the best way to contact me is @Nekrovile on Rebirth's Discord.

(Updated 5/17/2021)
I need to look through this to update it again.

  - Blaster’s Wrath:
        o Rech/Chance for Fire Damage
  - (Blaster) Defiant Barrage
        o Acc/Dam
  - Will of the Controller
        o Acc/Con/End/Rech
  - (Controller) Overpowering Presence
        o Acc/Con x2
        o Con/Rech x3
        o Acc/Con/End x2
        o Acc/Con/End/Rech
        o End/Rech x2
        o Rech/Chance for Energy Font
  - Malice of the Corruptor
        o Dam/End/Rech x4
        o Acc/Dam/End/Rech
        o Rech/Chance for Negative
  - (Corruptor) Scourging Blast
        o Acc/Dam/Rech x2
        o Rech/Chance for +End and +HP
  - Defender's Bastion
        o Acc/Dam
  - Ascendency of the Dominator
        o End/Rech
  - (Dominator) Dominating Grasp
        o Acc/Con x2
        o Con/Rech
  - Kheldian’s Grace
        o Rech/Form Empowerment
  - Command of the Mastermind
        o Dam/End x2
Soldier of Arachnos
  - Dominion of Arachnos
        o Dam/Rech
        o Acc/Dam/End/Rech
  - (Soldier of Arachnos) Spider's Bite
        o Acc/Dam
        o Dam/Rech
        o Acc/Dam/Rech x2
        o Acc/Dam/End/Rech
  - Stalker’s Guilie
        o Dam/Rech
        o Dam/End/Rech
  - (Stalker) Assasin’s Mark
        o Dam/Rech
        o Dam/End/Rech x2
        o Rech/Chance to Recharge Buildup

General / MidsReborn Guardian
« on: February 18, 2021, 11:14:06 pm »
Edit: A newer version exists that is easier to download.
You can find it here.,127.msg314.html#msg314

TLDR: This version of Mids works for Guardians, but the numbers are not correct for all of the other ATs. The download is too big to fit here, so here is a link to where it is posted on discord.

(Version updated on 4/18/2021)

If you need an invite to Rebirth's Discord, then you can use this invite link.

A version of Mids for Guardians is complete. To use it, download this and unzip it all into one folder. One of the things will be an application called MidsReborn. That is what you need to click or make into a shortcut to use.

This version of Mids may not be the same type that you are used to. This newer version allows modifiers to be changed to better reflect the numbers of Rebirth. The database in this download only has the numbers for Guardians. The numbers for all of the other archetypes may not reflect the numbers at Rebirth. Our old Mids database is not compatible with this newer version of Mids yet. One day there will be a version available that has Guardians and the correct numbers for other ATs.

There was difficulty when making new pseudopets work correctly. Using old ones sometimes did not always reflect the correct numbers. When this came up, the effects of the pseudopets were put inside of the power directly. The numbers that you see should be mostly the same in the end. However, this sometimes caused the power's effects to be displayed in an odd way or for the damage to be off by one tick of damage. This does not affect every power that uses pseudopets.

Some estimations were made to fill out the details of the powers. This should not cause many problems, but there may be some slight rounding errors with some of the powers. For example, getting 10 stacks of Fulcrum Flip gives .01% extra damage.

Thank you to the people at Mids Reborn for making this possible.

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