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Hey there,

This isn't really a big or long write up but wanted to post this in a semi-permenant way for the widest possible visibility.  Recently we pushed a patch to our client to separate out our graphics local caching folder.  Directly this will have no real noticeable performance improvement but will help longterm reliability.  Previously the client would use a hard coded location to locally store its shader caching information.  This location was shared among all the COX servers, like us, Thunderspy, ect.  The problem would be potential unintended "cross talk" causing interference if one server made changes that another server wasn't set up to handle.  You may play on multiple servers and one of them may suddenly appear broken through no fault of their own. 

There should be no real need for you to worry about this or make any changes.  I just wanted to bring this up for your general awareness.  As a side note this may mean all your zone maps have reset and need to be uncovered again (because that stuff is stored locally in the cache folder). 

We will be monitoring this to ensure it does not cause any issues for the players. 

Thank you

Patch Notes / PTS Patch Notes - Feb 13, 2023 TEST SERVER- Ri5
« on: February 13, 2023, 11:16:34 pm »
  • Timing changes in final cut-scene
  • Final fight transition effects adjustments
  • Psionic Nexus spawn timing adjustments
  • Objective wording adjustments
  • Float text for Rage side effects

  • Acrobatics: Jump height/speed no longer suppress in combat. Decreased the jumping speed scale.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players with Recall and not Blink to experience issues teleporting foes.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Recall not to teleport players in PvP.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Recall to not alter the mob when teleporting them.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Team Teleport to fail when activating Teleport outside of Team Teleport's range. Consequently, Team Teleport's range has been increased
  • Fixed a bug that caused Blink not to break Hide and not to alert the mob when hit them.
  • Starfall no longer accepts Defense IO sets.
  • Starfall now accepts Kheldian ATOs.
  • Flight protection in Quantum Acceleration adjusted
  • Updated the power description for Blink, Blink Blitz, and Extinguish Light
  • Long Range Teleport and Shadow Slip no longer indicate that they take basic enhancements (because they don't have slots).
  • Further tuning on the movement buff duration on Jump Kick to prevent residual movement buff after casting.
  • Blink, Blink Blitz, and Extinguish Light now accept Universal Damage IO sets.
  • Blink, Blink Blitz, and Extinguish Light now deal the correct PvP damage.
  • Fixed missing immobilize resistance on Weave.
  • Jaunt no longer roots, so you can teleport fluidly while running
  • Adrenal Booster now grants Adrenaline. Adrenaline causes Jaunt to instantly recharge while under its affect.
  • Teleport has been given a movement upgrade. If you have any travel power on, or Hover, Teleport's movement restrictions and flight will be negated. These effects also apply to Shadow Step while in human form

Dev note regarding movement control power changes:
We heard the requests wanting a permanent source of extra movement control and friction in both Fly and Super Jump. We also heard the requests wishing for no extra movement control and friction in those powers. We thought about how best to offer such an option. We also considered, one way or the other, what affects this would have on future content down the road beyond anything we've revealed.

After much thinking, we decided there could be a way to have some extra movement control and/or none at all. We've added extra Movement Control and Movement Friction to Acrobatics, Aerobatics (taken back from Afterburner), and Solar Glide (taken back from Quantum Acceleration). Aerobatics and Solar Glide's movement control/friction can stack with Fly and Energy Flight. Acrobatics movement control/friction can stack with Super Jump. Null the Gull has discovered how to suppress extra movement control/friction effects in Acrobatics, Aerobatics, and Solar Glide--he thinks.

Thanks to the detailed feedback from our testers we were able to identify specific places where the new fly poses were misbehaving and ironed them out. Please keep up the good work.

  • Bugfix applied to correct issue causing crash when trying to load into the SG colors screen.
  • Add more Abbreviated slash commands, Full list can be found here:,2330.0.html
  • Null the Gull bug preventing him from being able to hide travel power pop up trays fixed
  • Former Mayor Devito has been officially removed from the cities pension fund.

Calendar / Double xp
« on: December 25, 2022, 08:21:17 pm »
Double xp

Calendar / Fright before Chrismas
« on: November 13, 2022, 08:03:40 pm »
Halloween's not quite over as Eoachi and the gang put on winter hats and decide to chill for a couple weeks.

Developers Diary / FARM TANK - Slash Command Abbreviations
« on: November 03, 2022, 08:06:23 pm »
Greetings,  I'm writing this to let you know about some upcoming changes.  I wanted to make sure this information was in an easy to reference location all on its own.  Some new slash commands are coming to Rebirth and I hope some of the players find them useful. First is a new command for screenshots that allows you to save images to a custom folder.  This folder will still be in the same location as your game folder but will have whatever name you give it.

/screenfile "foldername"

The next grouping is a series of commands intended specifically for use in macros. They may seem bizarre but the specific "abbreviations" are a result of technical limitations in the existing code.  This work came from an understanding that char limits are a problem for some macro users.  This should go some way to help with that.  They do not do anything different from the longer versions of the same command.

"/tge_x", CMD_TARGET_ENEMY_NEXT, "Cycles through visible target-able enemies in near to far order."

"/tge_p", CMD_TARGET_ENEMY_PREV, "Cycles through visible target-able enemies in far to near order."

 "/tge_n", CMD_TARGET_ENEMY_NEAR, "Targets the nearest enemy."

"/tge_f", CMD_TARGET_ENEMY_FAR, "Targets the farthest enemy."

"/tgf_n", CMD_TARGET_FRIEND_NEAR, "Targets the nearest friend."

"/tgf_f", CMD_TARGET_FRIEND_FAR, "Targets the farthest friend."

"/tgf_x", CMD_TARGET_FRIEND_NEXT, "Cycles through visible target-able friends in near to far order."

"/tgf_p", CMD_TARGET_FRIEND_PREV, "Cycles through visible target-able friends in far to near order."

The following group of commands are just like the ones above but also took params that have also been shortened as well.  For instance the command for target custom near enemy would be "/tgt_r em"

"/tgt_n", CMD_TARGET_CUSTOM_NEAR, "Targets the nearest match."

"/tgt_f", CMD_TARGET_CUSTOM_FAR, "Targets the farthest match."

"/tgt_x", CMD_TARGET_CUSTOM_NEXT, "Cycles through matching targets in near to far order."

"/tgt_p", CMD_TARGET_CUSTOM_PREV, "Cycles through matching targets in far to near order."

These are the shortened params available for above commands.  The original in game system for any non-param matching tokens being matched against the name for specific targeting is still available.  As long as it does not match the original or shortened form of the params that system should still work just fine.

em = "enemy - Hostile enemies"

fd = "friend - Friendlies (including pets)"

dd = "defeated - 0 HP targets"

ae = "alive - Living targets"

mp = "mypet - Include only your pets"

np = "notmypet - Exclude your pets"

bc = "base - Include only passive base items"

bn = "notbase - Exclude passive base items"

tm = "teammate - Include only teammates"

tn = "notteammate - Exclude teammates"

UPDATE EDIT - By request the following powerexec commands have also been given abbreviations.

"px_na" = "powexec_name" = "Executes a power with the given name."

"px_lo" = "powexec_location" = "Executes a power at a specified location with the given name."

"px_sl" = "powexec_slot" = "Executes the given power slot from the current tray."

"px_tgon" = "powexec_toggleon" - "Toggles a given power on. If its already on, does nothing."

"px_tgof" = "powexec_toggleoff" - "Toggles a given power off. If its already off, does nothing."

"px_at1" = "powexec_altslot"  - "Executes the given power slot from the alternate tray."

"px_at2" = "powexec_alt2slot" - "Executes the given power slot from the second alternate tray."

"px_at3" = "powexec_alt3slot" - "Executes the given power slot from the third alternate tray."

"px_sv" = "powexec_serverslot" - "Executes the given power slot from the server-controlled tray."

"px_tr" = "powexec_tray" - "Executes a power in the given slot and tray."

"px_ab" = "powexec_abort" - "Cancels the auto-attack power and the queued power."

"px_uq" = "powexec_unqueue" - "Cancels the queued power."

"px_at" = "powexec_auto" - "Sets the auto-attack power to given named power (or blank to shut it off, or toggles if it's on already)."


"ip_sl" = "inspexec_slot" = "Activate an inspiration slot in the first row."

"ip_tr" = "inspexec_tray" = "Activate an inspiration slot in the given row and column."

"ip_nm" = "inspexec_name" = "Activate an inspiration by name."

"ip_pn" = "inspexec_pet_name" = "Activate an inspiration on a pet by name. Inspiration Name then Pet Name"

"ip_pt" = "inspexec_pet_target" = "Activate an inspiration on a pet by name. Takes Inspiration Name"

"ip_cb" = "insp_combine" = "Combines 3 of same type inspiration into one new type"

"ip_dl" = "insp_delete" = "Removes and inspiration"

Calendar / Last day of Summer Block Buster
« on: July 24, 2022, 10:13:54 pm »
Event will end after the server reset at roughly 9PM est.

Calendar / Rebirth Issue 4 release
« on: July 24, 2022, 11:16:23 am »
Server will be taken offline to update to Rebirth issue 4 on the 24'th at 6pm est. Downtime will be longer than normal.

Patch Notes / PTS July 17, 2022 (Test Server) - Ri4
« on: July 17, 2022, 09:48:00 pm »
- Fixed one instance of glowing armor that did not look like armor
- Eliminated opportunity for accidental nudity with a particular glowing skin
- Cleaned up edge seams in one instance of a particular glowing skin


High Contrast Option:
-Move enable selector in the options menu to the Misc section of the General tab.
-Due to how the selector in the options menu works High Contrast mode may only apply to the char you where on when you turned it on.
-Added "-highContrast" as a startup arg to the game.  Adding this line to your launcher args will start the game with High Contrast mode enabled for all chars on your client.
-Some effects cleaned up and added to the mode.
-Help Description strings added for the options menu selector.


Bug fixes:
- Fixed Gadgetry Wrist Blaster and Blaster Barrage occasionally playing wrong/partial animations
- Some Kheldian powers did not play animations in Nova form, this has been corrected
- Savage Melee powers now have finalized sound effects
- Corrected a few bugs with the visual FX on some savage Melee Powers

Former Mayor Devito's Babbage daycare center has been shut down and associated assets seized by the city for unpaid property taxes and utilities bills.  No one was able to provide an adequate defense of the facility after recent events.

Patch Notes / PTS July 15, 2022 (Test Server) - RI4
« on: July 15, 2022, 10:30:59 pm »
Gadgetry tweaks and bugfixes:
- A new alternate customization theme is available for Nano Net, Wrist Blaster, and Blaster Barrage that focuses on a more lasery feel in addition to the existing energy gauntlet theme.
- The volume on the looping SFX for the Jetpack power's various customization options have been lowered.
- Turbo Boost's animation no longer roots the player, so if it is used while moving it will not interrupt your motion.
- Force Barrier's standard customization now has the correct sounds.
- The continuing FX for Turbo Boost now correctly end when the power's duration expires rather than persisting indefinitely.
- Fixed various slight timing/placement oddities with the animations and FX of several powers.


High Contrast
-Effects expanded to more elements.
-Options menu text and menu help text added and placeholders removed


- Electric Armor: Fixed an FX bug that switched Power Surge to blue lightning for Brutes and Stalkers.

New Epic Pool
- Missing power icons have been restored for Inferno Mastery Consume, and Frost Mastery Block of Ice and Frostbite


Former Mayor Devito's basement shark tank has been decommissioned after his copy of "The Color of Outerspace" was caught antagonizing the sharks again.

Patch Notes / PTS July 11, 2022 (Test Server) - Ri4
« on: July 14, 2022, 08:19:00 pm »
- Add a new icon for Renew Energy in Luminous Aura.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the description and spelling issues in Inner Light, Bright/Dark Nova Form, and White/Black Dwarf Form.


New epic pools

Two new Fire and Ice themed epic pools are now available for Corruptors and Defenders, to expand the options available to these archetypes to better match the full thematic variety of their primary and secondary powersets. These new pools contain the following powers:

Frost Mastery
- Block of Ice
- Frostbite
- Frozen Armor
- Hoarfrost
- Hibernate

Inferno Mastery
- Char
- Consume
- Fire Shield
- Bonfire
- Rise of the Phoenix


Revised Gadgetry Patch Notes:

The Gadgetry power pool is now available for selection! Gadgetry is an origin-themed power pool that is mutually exclusive with Sorcery and Force of Will.

Nano Net - Ranged, Foe -Speed, -Recharge, -Fly, -Regen

You trap your foe in an energy net that significantly reduces their movement speed, attack rate and regeneration rate for a short time. Affected foes will also be knocked out of the sky.

Energy Gauntlet - Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -Regen

You fire a concentrated blast from a sophisticated energy gauntlet. Energy Gauntlet deals Moderate energy damage and will reduce the target's regeneration rate for a short time.

Jetpack - Toggle: Self Fly, (Special)

By activating this power will you will be able to fly at high speeds. While this power is active you will have the ability to engage a Turbo Boost for a short time to further speed up your flight. Recharge: Moderate

Turbo Boost - Click, Self +Fly Speed

Activating this power will give you a massive burst to your flight speed for a short time. Recharge: Very Long

Gauntlet Barrage - Ranged Cone, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -Regen

You fire off a series of energy blasts from an advanced energy gauntlet dealing Moderate energy damage to foes in long cone in front of you. Gauntlet Barrage requires you to have two other powers from the Gadgetry power pool. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Moderate

Force Barrier - Self, +Absorb

You activate an energy field around you for a short time that will absorb a high amount of damage before dissipating. Force Barrier requires you to have two other powers from the Gadgetry power pool. Recharge: Very Long

The pool leans into an Energy Gauntlet motif with two customization options:

Color Tintable (Gauntlet attacks with a customizeable holographic glove aura)
No Glove FX (Gauntlet attacks without the holographic glove aura)

The Jetpack power also has two customizations exclusive to Gadgetry: Boot Thrusters and Boot Repulsors.

Gauntlet Barrage features a unique compound animation, the first of its kind seen in City of Heroes. The Force Barrier power features a new sound fx crafted by one of our developers!




- Added new lowered hood option to face detail 2 for male, female, and huge.

- Unlocked Samurai Menpo and Oni Guard (previously only available on Half Helmets) for
Standard, Full Mask, Hats, and Hood categories for male, female, and huge.

- Updated tights and sleek tights base textures for male pants, replacing existing Ri3
placeholder textures. Models affected include loose pants, tight pants, flared, bell bottoms,
and baggy.

- Added Technis and Goth face patterns to Full Helmets pattern mask menu.

- Metallic Alien Skull and Metallic Elongated Alien Skull now appear as sub options below
their first entry.

- Cybertech, Cybertech Dreads, Post Apocalyptic Corn Rows, and (female only) Tucked Ear hairstyles'
secondary options now all appear as sub options below their first entry.

- Wake Path Aura added to Path Auras for all genders.

Glowing and Animated Skins:

- Added the following glowing and animated skin suites to the game
   - Fluorescent
   - Incandescent
   - Incandescent Skin
   - Neon (does not accept pattern masks)
   - Plasma
   - Prismatic
   - Prismatic Dephased
   - Radium
   - Sand (does not accept pattern masks)
   - Spectral
   - Uncanny Illumination

They have been filed in alphabetically in alphabetic menus. In curated menus, Sand is filed
adjacent to Stone and the glowing skins are all often AFTER Paragon-era Fire and Ice options.

Note in some cases, certain textures are not supported with certain geometries due to quality
or technical issues. For example, Sand is not supported on Folded or Finned Boots and Gloves.
Plasma and Spectral are not available on Skirts.

These skins are available on male, female, and huge under the following costume parts:

- Heads:
   - All head options where standard faces are available:
     Standard, Hats, Full masks, Hoods, Half Helmets, Special Helmets
- Full Helmets:
   - Blast Bot, Steel Helm, Retro Tech, Tech Helm, Alien Skull, Elongated Alien Skull, Critix

- Hair as sub-options of the following styles:
   Male & Huge:
      - Fury, Combed Back, Parted, Surfer, Spikey, Buzz Cut, Ice, Flat Top, Medium,
        Long, Ponytail, Wild, Tall Spikey, Dreadlocks, Small Afro, Afro Big,
        Mohawk Short, Mohawk Tall, Mohawk Spikey, Top Knot
      - Medium, Flip, Shy, Shag, Long Part, Wedge, Gamine, Long 1, Long 2, Long Layers,
        Glam, Bangs, Straight, Bun, Low Ponytail, High Ponytail, Pigtails, Pigtails Fat,
        Punk, Parted, Styled, Mod, Spikes, Tall Spikes, Wild, Flat Top, Dreadlocks,
        Small Afro, Big Afro, Top Knot, Mohawk Short, Mohawk Tall
- Gloves:
   In the following categories whenever available:
      - Smooth/Bare, Folded, Flare, Spiked, Finned, Large, Banded, Monstrous, Zombie, Awakened

- Boots:
   In the following categories whenever available:
      - Smooth, Thigh Highs, Talons Tallboot, Stilettos, Platforms, Folded, Flare,
        Spiked, Finned, Large, Banded, Flat, Zombie, Awakened

Hips and Chest options have been built on top of the Rebirth asym torso code. The following
options are now available for female and male models. Huge options are coming with huge asym torsos.

- Chests:
   In all categories for the chest itself. Garments such as jackets, robes, and togas are
   not affected. Baggy and Armored have their own unique set of glowing and animated textures.

- Hips:
   In Bottoms, Bottoms with Skin, legs on Skirts/Short or Kilts/Shorts, Jodhpurs.
   Tucked In and Amrored have their own unique set of glowing and animated textures.

- Pants:
   - Loose Pants, Tight (from the Pants category), Flared, Bell Bottoms, Baggy

- Skirts:
   - Flared, Long, Pencil, Mini


- Sheet Music cape pattern should now display correctly.


Mayor Devito statue has been removed from the city hall men's room

Patch Notes / PTS (test server) July 4, 2022 - Ri4
« on: July 04, 2022, 04:23:03 pm »

Cel Shading:

- Fans of the graphic rendering style, cel shading, can rejoice!  We have introduced cel shading into the graphic options.  To use it simply navigate to Menu, Options, Graphics and Audio, (enable) Experimental Graphics Settings, and (enable) Cel Shader.  This is a port of the SCoRE Cel Shader feature.

High Contrast (Character Menus):

- If you've ever found the Character Creator and Character Management windows hard to read this option is for you.  High Contrast option is now available that flattens the texture of some of the games interface buttons.  For now this only affects the costume management screens.  The setting can be enabled under Menu > Options > Graphics and Audio > Top Section > High Contrast.  (We will be adding help text in the next update).

Savage Melee FX:

- We've finished Savage Melee animations and pfx!


Trick Arrow Revamp:

- Flash Arrow and EMP Arrow can now light the oil slick from Oil Slick Arrow. This further leans into the synergy theme, and resolves a long-standing oddity of one of the set's signature features not being accessible unless paired with particular origins or other sets.
- Float text has been added for the Dazzled, Acid Burn, and Disrupted synergy effects. We are seeking feedback on whether the messages from this change feel like too much visual clutter or not.
- Targets in a burning oil slick that are taking bonus damage from the Glue Arrow synergy are now marked by having an extra fire FX on them (in addition to the base fire hit FX that was restored with this patch).
- Flash Arrow, Oil Slick Arrow, and EMP Arrow can now be slotted for range like the rest of the set.


Bug fixes:

- Fixed an issue that caused the original Bright Nova powers to disappear from the enhancement window.

- Fixed several problems with the Assault Rifle snipe power (this also affects the Military Assault version):
  = Removed erroneous firing FX delay when regular snipe is activated with weapon not previously drawn.
  = Quicksnipe animation will no longer incorrectly redraw the rifle before and after the attack even if it is already drawn.
  = Fixed the massive disconnect between animation length, hitframe timing, and activation time on quicksnipe (all three of which were broken) that allowed a follow-up attack to finish before the snipe even went off.
  =The corrected activation time for quicksnipe is now 1.33s instead of 0.67s, to match the fixed animation time and bring the attack in line with other quicksnipes - this should never have been this impossibly short to begin with and was part of what was responsible for the previous issue.

- Martial Assault's Masterful Throw is now correctly typed as a lethal attack rather than negative.
- Masterminds were previously overlooked in the fix to make the resistance buff in Nature Affinity's Wild Growth power not resistable - this has been corrected.
- The bright and dark versions of the FX for Radiation Blast's Neutron Bomb now properly sync with the sped-up animation.
- Trick Arrow's Flash Arrow will no longer erroneously display arrow FX stuck into every target hit.
- The missing fire hit FX for targets caught in a burning oil slick has been restored.
- Kinetic Melee's Burst can now correctly slot knockback sets.
- Tanker/brute Arctic Mastery's Chilblain and Block of Ice can now correctly slot slow enhancements and sets.

Patch Notes / PTS June 12, 2020 - Ri4
« on: June 12, 2022, 09:28:06 pm »
White and Black Dwarfs now have their own Heal tables that are scaled up to account for their increased HP.  This means the following:

White Dwarf - Essence Boost and Restore Essence
- Restore Essence healing amount was corrected.  It once again heals 25%.
- Essence Boost has its healing properties boost by 1.75x.

Black Dwarf - Black Dwarf Drain and Stygian Circle
- Dwarf Drain  healing amount was corrected.  It once again heals 10%.
- Stygian Circle has it's healing properties boost by 1.75x.

New Power Customization option "No Fade" for  Warshade Shadow Cloak.

Black Dwarf Mire and Orbiting Death (Dwarf form) now taunt foes.  The taunt radius of Orbiting Death is 8ft.

Combat Jumping now suppresses instead of performing a transformation into human form like travel powers.
Pool power toggles now grant a recovery bonus equal to their endurance cost while suppressed in Nova or Dwarf forms.
  Additionally, we've corrected recovery bonus to match the endurance cost value as it changes due to being enhanced for endurance reduction.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause powers to become stuck in disabled mode when quickly shifting between shapeshift forms while on powers were on cooldown.
- Shadow Step had its hover length fixed and is back to 4s.  This power's changes were released in an incomplete state with some elements present from our upcoming pool revamp.  Shadow Step has been reverted to its original effects for now.  The complete improved version will appear in a future update.

Bug fixes:
- Mastermind Heat Mastery, Rise of the Phoenix: Can now properly slot rez sets.
- Mastermind Cold Domination, Infrigidate, Snow Storm, Sleet, and Heat Loss: Can now properly slot universal debuff sets.
- Stalker Ice Melee, Build Up: The Assassin's Mark Stalker ATO set proc will now correctly recharge this power.
- Stalker Ice Melee and Radiation Melee: The AoE attacks in these sets now correctly have a chance to critically hit.
- Stalker Radiation Melee, Atom Smasher: The stun effect in this power now actually functions.
- Doppelganger NPCs for player characters with the Ninja Assault, Military Assault, Kinetic Assault, and Infiltrator Training power sets will now have appropriate powers to match the player they are mimicking.

Balance tweaks:
- Consume (all versions): Duration on minor recovery effect increased from 15s to 30s. Recharge reduced from 180s to 120s (primary/secondary versions) or from 360s to 180s (epic pool versions).
- Savage Melee, Blood Thirst: Recharge reduced from 180s to 90s.
- Guardian Infiltrator Training, Intrusion: Now grants a global endurance discount effect when active.

- The fire holds Char and Cinders now have a new 'fiery binds' visual customization option. This includes epic pool versions of Char as well.

Announcements and Important News / June 12, 2022 weekly all clear
« on: June 12, 2022, 09:23:04 pm »
Server reset it complete and back up.  644 tokens have been handed out for the week.

Server is back up and the reset completed with no issues. 602 tokens have been handed out for the week and 1043 tokens for the month.

During special events we sometimes hand out superpacks to the last character that was logged in before the reset.  If the Character has not received their first piece of salvage then they will not receive the superpack.  A fix for this issue is being investigated, feel free to reach out by direct messaging the PPD Drone on discord if you did not receive your packs on the May 22 reset.

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