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General / Re: Cant Log in
« on: March 11, 2021, 11:59:45 am »
It's also worth noting that we do not yet have forum and game accounts linked, so you need to create a separate account for the forums and the game.  You can create a game account here:

Just in case folks haven't been on discord or made it to the test server, I thought I would post some of the amazing capes that SilverAgeFan has designed for us:

Trading Board / Re: Draggynn's Purple IO Bazaar
« on: February 25, 2021, 02:47:10 pm »
Sent it your way, just send back any purple IO.

Screenshots and Vids / Re: My 'final' screenshot
« on: February 25, 2021, 02:40:36 pm »
I barely logged on after the cancellation was announced because I just found it too painful, so I missed out on those last couple months.

Trading Board / Draggynn's Purple IO Bazaar
« on: February 23, 2021, 08:06:56 pm »
I've been sitting on a bunch of Purple IOs, and would be happy to exchange any of them for a different purple so that someone doesn't need to play the conversion lottery.  You can reach me in game @Draggynn:

Absolute Amazement:
  - Stun/Recharge/Accuracy
  - Recharge/Accuracy
Coercive Persuasion:
  - Confuse/Recharge
  - Confuse/Rechrge/Accuracy
Fortunata Hypnosis:
  - Chance for Placate
Gravitational Anchor:
  - Immobilize/Recharge/Accuracy
  - Damage/Recharge
  - Damage/Recharge/Accuracy
  - Recharge/Accuracy
  - Chance for Negative Damage
  - Damage/Recharge
Souldbound Allegiance:
  - Damage/Recharge/Accuracy
Unbreakable Constraint:
  - Hold/Endurance x2
  - Hold/Recharge
  - Hold/Recharge/Accuracy
  - Chance for Smashing Damage

I also have a few PvP IOs left that I'm willing to exchange for any other lvl 50 PvP IO

Javelin Volley:
  - Dam/End/Recharge

Looking for Group / Rebirth Weekly Schedule of Organized Events
« on: February 23, 2021, 01:09:36 pm »
There are a number of events on Rebirth that currently happen on a weekly basis that might help you enjoy the server more.  (All times are provided in US Pacific Time, because that's where I am, and as these are player run events, they are subject to cancellation with limited notice, but that has been unheard of for the incarnate trials, and rare for the other events)

Monday 6-8 pm: Incarnate Trials for level 50 characters in Pocket D, lead by D'Spite
Monday 8 pm: Weekly Strike Target, Hero Task Force (typically the one required for Task Force Commander) lead by Jumpstar
Tuesday 6-8 pm: Incarnate Trials for level 50 characters in Pocket D, lead by D'Spite
Tuesday 8 pm: Weekly Strike Target, Villain Strike Force, lead by Jumpstar
Wednesday 7-9 pm: Incarnate Trials for level 50 characters in Pocket D, lead by Destan
Thursday 8-10 pm: Incarnate Trials for level 50 characters in Pocket D, lead by D'Spite
Friday 8-10 pm: Alternates weekly between Magisterium Trials for Hybrid unlock (Lore and Destiny slots must be unlocked) and Badge Night (+2 or +3 level shift requested) where we tackle some of the badges that are harder or require more coordination
Saturday: 11-1 pm: Mothership Raid in the Rikti War Zone (Two raids back to back, typically starting on the hour) organized by Gothic Alpha and D'Spite
Saturday 8 pm: Cooperative Weekly Strike Target, lead by Jumpstar
Sunday 11-1 pm: European Version Incarnate League in Pocket D, lead by D'Spite (here European Version just means that the time is different, hopefully to work better for European players)
Sunday 7-9 pm: Player vs. Player (either in a zone or in the arena) lead by Gothic Alpha (Participating enters you in a raffle for a rare PvP IO)

The Weekly Strike Targets are typically pinned in the discord "Looking for Group" channel (and will likely start being posted on the forums again now that they're back)

Of course, there are lots of Task Forces and teams that get organized at other times throughout the week, but if you like operating on a schedule, having some fixed events may be helpful.  You can also monitor the "Looking for Group" channel on Discord, as that is often used to organize events (and tends to have less chatter than the in-game-lfg channel which you can also monitor through Discord when not in game).

We have a character, Event Herald, in game that keeps track of all of these events and will advertise them in global channels at 2 hours and again at 30 minutes before the event starts.  You can send Event Herald the message "next", to find out what the next scheduled event is or "list" to see the next several events.  I will post later with more information on the Event Herald.

General / Re: Hi
« on: February 18, 2021, 07:58:56 pm »
Well I joined Rebirth after the forums went down, so this is already better than anything I've known  ;D

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