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See the two attached images. These are WIP test screens of Neon under the Bustier integrated tights top and paired with the Small Pointed diversified gloves.

A goal for Issue 5 is to expand all the glowing skins to these options.

Regarding 3d domino masks, those are in a state of production. But we do want to tie them like capes and auras to a mini-arc to unlock fully. A few basic models will be available at level 1. The intent is to have a lvl 10 arc that goes into the trope of "Why wear a mask?" for all alignments (including goldside).

Just like capes and auras, there will likely be a card in the All Hallows' Eve pack that unlocks them globally from lvl 1. But we definitely want to weave them into player progression for players. There are about 15-25 mask models in various states of production. This particular feature keeps getting pushed back by other work.

General / Re: Rebirth Costume Tool Beta 0.2
« on: August 15, 2022, 12:46:28 am »
Keeping this at the top!

And a reminder for cross server players that Jagged's tool has been demonstrated to work fairly well with costume files from other servers! So if you jump between Rebirth and Thunderspy, HC, or New Dawn, there is a decent chance it will help convert your saved costumes into a format that load without issue for Rebirth!

General / Re: Download City of Heroes: Rebirth
« on: August 15, 2022, 12:44:58 am »
I need help to download City of Heroes: Rebirth game. Can anyone help me please?

Hi there, were you able to get started by following the instructions in Jagged's post?

Hi Joshex,

I'm not sure if I'm reading your request correctly. But I think what you are asking for here are the new glowing skin options to be woven into the "integrated tights" already in game? Things like "halter top", "bustier", "single shoulder halter", etc.--where you can pick your under and over material?

If that is your request, you're in luck. This was a stretch goal on Issue 4 that there just wasn't time for. But it is one of my first tasks for Issue 5. In fact, I just spent a lot of hours over the past week weaving the new skin options throughout the diversified gloves on male, female, and huge.

So know that this is indeed coming.

Glowing over garments in integrated tights though will likely not be happening due to how our menus are structured and that will lead to significant menu bloat. (There are some other special things planned eventually for the top layer garments.) For better or worse, players who want glowing clothing will need to make the existing neck to waist to elbow full chest options work for them, be it the baggy or tight tops.

But yes, integrated tights are happening and coming next issue.

Face masks are a different story. You'll need to wait for when 3d domino masks get released in a different update in the future. (We have some specific things planned around those as well!)


We're definitely not done introducing new sets, event sets, or general recipes. I don't know exactly when the next round will be, but I'll pass this idea along to the team members doing the most work on related projects.

It might be of some inspiration to them. Thanks for posting it!

Our team does have a decent understanding of what makes MMs tick under the hood and all the assets required to properly flesh out a new powerset. Right now the obstacle is one of production schedule. As you might imagine, a new MM primary represents the most resource intensive of possibly any new powerset to make from scratch.

Note that the team is working to move away from powersets that feel like recycled or even upcycled elements of existing assets.

We definitely want to bring the server some new MM primaries. Your set proposal, in its broad strokes, has been definitely been noticed and discussed by the powerset developers on our team. But I cannot at this juncture confirm or deny any new MM primaries that may or may not currently be in production.

General Suggestions and Feedback / Re: P&P RPG Powers in CoH: Rebirth
« on: July 15, 2022, 11:31:18 pm »
Hi there! This is an interesting proposal.

I'll make sure the powers folks are alerted to your idea. I know at least one of our devs has looked at the challenges of a mimicry power (not so much for visual shapeshifting, which honestly *might* be the easier part) but rather more for a Rogue-(the-mutant-not-the-game)-like powerset for absorption.

There are loads and loads of technical issues making powers absorbable within CoH. Trailing shortly behind that are loads of balance concerns. Not necessarily on the higher end of the power scale, but ironically, as we looked at it on the lower end. Like what is an absorber/mimicry character to do when they run into a pack of Rikti monkeys or the only enemy left standing to absorb and ready yourself for the next fight is a weak minion? Do you get their assault rifle or other weapons? Or do you just get certain attributes?

Anyways, despite these design challenges, know that some of what you describe are things that other devs have expressed a degree of interest in. Will these highly ambitious ideas ever bear fruit within CoH and our efforts?

Hard to say. Definitely not any time super soon!

However, our dev team does have lots of great things we do know are feasible and up to now have never been seen in CoH. And they are in active production. So even in a powerset like you describe doesn't make it to Rebirth, know that there are many exciting things coming over the next year!

General / Re: CoH Graphics
« on: April 28, 2022, 10:20:15 am »
I'd have to pull a sphere from the geos to do that. (Something I honestly won't have time to dig up for a while)

One of the tricks that CoH rendering uses to "smooth" seams further are the "multiply" layers in
a compound texture stack (an "X_ texture" or "trick"). When one of those gets flagged as a "sphere map"
it gets handled differently--projected onto the model dynamically.

This is used for reflections but it also has the effect of burying imperfections, much like "glazing layers" in
an oil painting--if that metaphor makes any sense.

Additionally, there are ways that CoH rendering seems to handle seams of a UV map and geometry back to itself
that blend really well. The asym work I've done I've found it quite forgiving making the vertical seams on the
chest and back disappear (both along the central axis of symmetry).

Where the CoH rendering is much much more finicky is where one geometry picks up the surface of another object.

This may again be connected to smoothing groups and how the graphics engine defines which edges to smooth and how.
Pretty sure CoH uses OpenGL rendering--which honestly is well above my paygrade at the moment.

We already corresponded on the Discord, but leaving a note here for anyone browsing.

This is being looked into. It's likely related to the asym work I did honoring the places where Cryptic and Paragon decided to use the skirt/shorts hips in the "with skin" category for female hips.

Currently exploring best means to address this for better in game display without perceivable distortion of pattern masks from their original creators intended layout on the character model.

General / Re: CoH Graphics
« on: April 20, 2022, 07:07:21 pm »
The UVW maps are all over the place.

They may have at times painted on the model which some 3d software prior to closure already allowed and then exported a guide document after getting some registration marks on their seams.

EDIT to add: CoH models are also allowed 1 smoothing group. Faces can be in that smoothing group or out, either all the faces on the model, none or some combination in between. This then tells the renderer to smooth the edges. Without smoothing groups, you end up with something like the quartz models from the DE with hard faceted faces.

General / Re: Rebirth Costume Tool Beta 0.3
« on: April 19, 2022, 04:55:55 pm »
Great work getting the upgrade for this tool together so quickly! Hope you get some good feedback from testers!

Let me know if you need anything from the Rebirth dev team to help you continue advancing the tool!

General / Re: Comments: STATE OF THE ISSUE: RI3
« on: March 23, 2022, 08:03:45 am »
Oh hey! Thanks for the words of support.

While the dev in me is totally focused on the cosmetic work I'm currently engaged in, the player in me (who has been able to see the WIP on the pool revamp) is also super excited for things to make it to live. As I understand it, the pool revamp is extensive enough that it will need to be broken into two (logically segmented) chapters spread over a couple issues. The fitness changes are sort of a preamble and represent by far the most concise adjustment.

Without locking in the devs spearheading the project to any specific change, I think I am allowed to say they are working from a philosophy that no single pool power should feel like punitively prerequisite and they want players to feel tempted to go deep into many of the pools. So I think you too will be excited by what is in store!

General / Re: Gallery: Show off your Asym Female Open Beta creations here!
« on: February 12, 2022, 03:29:08 pm »
Love seeing this!

Next update, females will be getting arm wings as well :D

General / Gallery: Show off your Asym Female Open Beta creations here!
« on: August 26, 2021, 08:55:30 pm »
This is a gallery to show off your discoveries and creativity with the new options on Rebirth's PTS and the Female Asym Open Beta. Please look in the Almost Tested section for a thread for posting bug reports and development related feedback.
Hi all! Feel free to show off anything and everything you've created with the new systems and options on Rebirth's PTS during our Female Asym Torso Open Beta.

Be it a masterpiece or a disaster from the random button, seeing what you all are getting out of the new options helps me (and my team, yes I have helpers now!!  ;D ;D ;D ) be better designers for our community.

This thread is intended for feedback. You can show off your creativity and screenshots in another thread I'm about to start in general!
Hi heroes, villains, and everyone in between!

Starting this thread as a place to collect feedback on the new costume options coming to Rebirth's PTS. Female asym torsos are about to go into public beta.

They include tons of new options, including a WIP test library of over 100 new pattern masks; new geometries such as the bell bottoms, jodhpurs, and single panel tights; new techniques such as Integrated Tights, quasi 3-color pattern masks, and multi-color pattern masks; and a revamped set of options for pants allowing you to create contiguous catsuits and unitards for your characters.

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