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Posted some of this in Discord, but want to elaborate here. I like the way a lot of these changes have been thought out and applied. I think we have some issues with the Warshade part of this though. The most valuable part of the TP changes to a Warshade is going to be Teleport Foes. More than any other character in the game a WS needs enemies grouped around them for all their melee-range buffs/stun/attacks. Because of the original slap-together design of khelds, they have many abilities that actively push enemies away from their buff/debuff zone, and Teleport Foes would be the only current power that can dump a group right into it instead.

You can go through the TP pool as a WS and still get to TP foes, but it forces you to pick one completely useless duplicate power in either TP Self or TP Other since WS's get those by default. (You can pick up the pool version of Blink instead of the Starless Charge for the other pick, which is fine). Even as valuable as TP Foes is for WS's, picking one duplicate power with no benefits feels bad.

Now, combine this with the fact that Starless Charge looks to be actually an inferior choice. First, human Warshades have plenty of single target attacks, but hurt more on AoE (Extinguish Light helps here!), so they don't really need it except as a mule. Second, Blink seems to actually do the same amount of damage in game for a slightly shorter animation time, and since it pushes you along the path for that more valuable Teleport Foes, it makes more sense to just grab Blink (Warshades don't tend to have as bad a pool power crunch as they used to).

My 2 cents would be, swap Starless Charge for a Warshade version of Teleport Foes. Players can still get the single target teleport attack if they want by grabbing Blink for one power pick (which is again already better than Starless Charge), and it doesn't force you to get two versions of TP Self or TP Other to get to the power they actually want. You could also move Extinguish Light to where Starless Charge is and put Teleport Foes where Extinguish Light currently is (might make more sense since the EL is actually an attack anyway).

Also I know mez protection on Kheldians is a huge can of worms and not the point of this revamp but a lot of the time after getting Dwarf I'm basically locked in that form because of stray mez powers that start popping up on almost every mob in the 20s. And I still think Kheldians need to have the same mag 2 mez protection Arachnos Soldiers get in their first level passive power, just so any random mez doesn't completely disable two out of three forms but at the same time it's still low enough that the stronger protection in Dwarf form doesn't become redundant. For Peacebringers maybe remove it from Light Form if (and only if, please) it's added to the passive.


Gravitic Emanation might need to be looked at a little more thoroughly.

QFT here. Gravitic Emanation is a key power, as is Dark Nova Emanation. You have to basically choose between the two with this change because the human version causes the power to recharge so slowly.

Some interesting changes, mostly positive (suppression very positive), but here are some thoughts:

My other feedback is that I feel like pool powers should function in forms, not just suppress. The problem is that a Human, which can run several defense toggles and have Eclipse ends up being more survivable than Dwarf with a single break free, which can't get the defense bonuses, making dwarf still somewhat useless. Dwarf's use then becomes just as a mez shield, which can be taken care of with a break free, clarion or getting a buff from certain teammates. It's also annoying to have to detoggle a form just to fire off Hasten when you no longer need to do so for Eclipse. And finally, why should a human Kheldian be able to apply tactics to teammates but a Dwarf cannot?

I think the PB side is a little worse off, as Light Form gets some mez protection, further diminishing the value of Dwarf, and as mentioned above, you lose the ability to double stomp.

Will keep playing with it. I think I'm seeing some weird proc behavior because of the shared powers, but need to confirm.

EDIT: Just want to add that Gravity Well has a similar problem to Gravitic Emanation. Using it in human form locks you out of Dwarf Smite for the 20s cooldown. Not the end of the world for IO builds, but not great for SO builds.

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