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Announcements and Important News / WST Speed Leaderboards
« on: April 03, 2021, 10:32:26 pm »
Hello runners! Are you ready to put your best feet forward, really fast? Were bringing back speed runs with the WST Speed Run Leaderboard!
Each month when we write the WST we will pick three targets: One Hero or TFC, one Villain, and one Co-op target and make these the Speed Targets.

At the start of the schedule, anyone who completes a run and takes a screenshot of the in game time and the Contact (click missions, click on the task, click More) is able to have it compared to the leaderboard. Record setters get 4000 architect tickets. Record breakers get 2000 tickets.

They do not need to be done on the week they are WST. They can be done outside of that week!

The Leaderboard will clear out every month. We are still keeping Overall Server Records. They are separate and can be broken out of season. Breaking an Overall Server Record nets your team 5 super packs or 2 paragon reward tokens regardless of if it is in season or not. Your Team Leader will choose one and the entire team will receive that.
Overall server records are being brought forward from our archive and are posted on our wiki at:

Current leaders, this whole post, and server records will be posted on our wiki at
Leaderboard and submissions are at:,37.0.html

Rules and details listed in announcement at:,38.0.html
or on Wikipedia at:

Our current Speed targets for April (05/03/2021 - 05/31/2021) are:
Penelope Yin (20-25), Silver Mantis (20-25), Apex (50 w/ Alphas)
Server records will be posted on our wiki at

-- Leader board --
Penelope Yin (20-25) 12:24 by Draggynn, Angel of False Hope, Dr K., Interstellar, Raging Dark, Skullduggery
Silver Mantis (20-25) 51:25 by: Tirsada D'Spite, Ternada D'Spite, Burn Master, Whooping Crane, Nuclear Breakdown, Master Dragon, Infernos
 Apex (50 w/ Alphas) 20:23 by: Draggynn, Tirsada D'Spite, Ternada D'Spite, Avalo, Perfect Synergy, Sgt. Stryker, Uproar, Agent Omega Seven

Second report, Anecdotal.

Our first report, the incident
GM Reporting - GM El Bee
They are an Earth/Rad controller
They used /cc 1 to change to a costume in a Keyes itrial map with a population roughly around 14-16 players. The costume has Size changes and Color Changes for their powers. They use no animation with it. They change their primary and secondary colors. This caused a full mapserver crash.
Attempted to repro several ways
They tried it again in the trial with about 14 people. FULL MAPSERVER CRASH
All attempts for GM El Bee and them to reproduce in normal content and isolated itrial instance resulted in no crash.

A few weeks ago we have stumbled upon a lead for the random map server crashing in the incarnate trials being held. Upon using a Costume Change in the trial, the entire map server crashed. This seemed to have worked consistently as it happened again on the following attempt. Attempts to reproduce the effect outside of populated trials had no results.

Thus we are calling an APB.
If you use a CC emote and the mapserver crashes following it, please report it here as soon as possible. We may ask for details (what does the costume change mainly) as we attempt to investigate this issue.

Thus far we have only had one other report of this occurrence so we cannot say for certain if this is the cause.

This has been the only cause to reproduce the effect however. More causes may yet still exist out there. As this is our only lead, it is getting attention. If you suspect any other specific action caused a map server crash, please do report it as well.

Thank you
- El Bee~

Calendar / WST Schedule (04/05/2021 - 05/03/2021)
« on: March 10, 2021, 12:03:28 am »
The WST schedule is written once a month and is determined randomly along 4 groups of strike targets: Hero task forces, Task Force Commander, Villain strike forces, and a rotating Co-Op task force. It will be posted here and in discord in announcements and pinned in the LFG channel.

Our current WST schedule is
WST SCHEDULE 04/05/2021 - 05/03/2021
04/05: Moonfire (23-28), Manticore (30-35), Renault (25-30), ITF (35-50)

04/12: Sara Moore (40-50), Synapse (15-20), Barracuda (45-50), LGTF (45-50)

04/19: Dr. Kahn (45-50), Positron (10-15/11-16), Tree of Thorns (44-50), Tin Mage (50 w/ Alphas)

04/26: Katie Hannon (30-34), Citadel (25-30), Virgil Tarikoss (15-20), Apex (50 w/ Alphas)

For transparencies sake, here is the table used to determine the targets. Each is given a 2 weeks cooldown and respec trials are all marked for cooldown upon one being made a target.

(Almost Tested) Bug Reporting / Martial Prowess Feedback Thread
« on: February 28, 2021, 09:57:16 pm »
__**Martial Prowess**__
An Ancillary Power Pool for :scrapper: Scrappers and :stalker: Stalkers themed around the idea of using techniques from history.

**Description:** Your experience in melee combat and your drive to improve has given you access to new techniques from a wide variety of disciplines. You utilize skills from archers and warriors of the medieval age to ninjitsu techniques of the shinobi.

- El Bee

__**Universal powers available to both:**__
**Entangling Arrow**
    - ST immobilize with -fly
    - Similar to Entangling Arrow from Trick Arrow
**Warriors Mark**
    - ST Res and Def debuff (20 second duration) that gives Enemy Data in your Combat Attributes
    - Similar to Surveillance but with a natural/magic theme
    - 45 second recharge time
**Gather Chi**
    - Click Regen and Recovery buff
    - Currently valued as twice as effective as Physical Perfection with up to half uptime on SOs.
    - 30 second duration with a 120 second base recharge
    - requires 2 powers

__**Scrapper Exclusives**__
**Aimed Shot**
    - st moderate damage range attack from a hand crossbow with high critical chance
    - 12 second recharge
    - requires 1 power pick
    - Moderate range teleport that gives 8 seconds of Intense Stealth and moderate damage boost
    - 120 second recharge time
    - requires 1 power pick

**__Stalker Exclusives__**
**Assassins Arrow**
    - st moderate damage ranged attack using your customizable bow. Double damage from hide
    - 6 second recharge
    - requires 1 power pick
**War Cry**
    - PBaoe to hit and damage debuff. Chance of 2 mag terrorize.
    - 90 second recharge
    - requires 1 power pick

This is the feedback thread for Martial Prowess, released to test 2-28-2021

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