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On group fly and group TP
« on: May 31, 2021, 12:33:39 am »
Even on live group fly and group teleport have always been... less popular then other pool power choices. Their cost is so high to their benefit to be almost useless and what uses players do have for them are essentially niche. They are used so rarely that often when I do try to use them I get asked not to because it messes players up despite usually being high enough they could have long since visited Null the Gull. These suggestions are just the ideas I've come up with so far and am really curious if anyone has other ideas.

Group Fly - I think this one is the "simplest" to fix (sans spaghetti) is to make group fly a map wide power.  This would make it the way I think it was meant to be, allowing one char to allow others to fly. However given the current range it is too easy for those following to "fall out" of the range. Especially since the char using group fly probably has a faster fly speed. By having it be map wide it allows player to grant their entire team flight capability (if they want it) and also allows MM's to not worry about their pets dropping out of flight behind them.

Group Teleport - This one is trickier. The only real option I can think of is to turn it into "recall all" where it behaves like assemble the team but with a much shorter CD. I might increase the CD of ATT to balance it out. I'm not really thrilled with this idea but it's the best I've been able to think of. One thing I would change though, assuming group TP is essentially replaced, is to make regular teleport affect MM pets so that melee MM's can use it to still jump into a group without having to worry about minions closing in.
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