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« on: May 31, 2021, 01:57:53 am »
[This is just a copy of the full announcement from the Discord Server.]

We have managed to put the pieces back together successfully, and there are no big issues found. (We're still hunting for speel cheek spell check bugs, so please continue to report those.)

There are a total of 674 :paragon: tokens given out to players this. Look for them and spend them wisely. (Next week is the two token week for those that log in on the week and in the last month.)

Now on to some updates for the community:

Let's talk about speedruns. Needless to say, it has been fun watching various members of the community completely demolish everything in the COH Taskforce/Strikeforce lists with Flash-like speed. We started this originally to hand out a ton of AE tickets to prop up the stagnant economy with salvage at the time and then it took off like gangbusters. Unfortunately, various factors have arisen which caused us to reach the decision to pull back on the checkered flags for a bit. In light of this, from now until June 6th reset, this will be the LAST week of sanctioned speedrunning here on COH: Rebirth FOR NOW.  We aim to reintroduce a more formal system for speedruns sometime around the release of Ri2. Any members of the community who have rewards pending from a recent run, will still be issued their rewards. (Be sure that at a minimum, your team leader has submitted a screenshot of the final clear screen with the names of your team members and your desired reward along with the actual time to completion.)

Now about the anniversary. The server's official launch date was May 17th, 2019. Normally, whenever an anniversary comes around in COH, an anniversary badge is awarded. Due to "technical" issues, we failed to commemorate the FIRST anniversary properly. Rumor has it they're available in bargain bins throughout Paragon, Rogue Island, and some fell through the cracks and ended up in Praetoria. However, we fixed the issue and from now until June 27th, 2021 reset: any character who logs in during this month will receive the newly minted Rebirth Second Anniversary badge shown below.  So be sure to look out for that. (To any live players: no, there won't a commemorative pop up on screen but you know to look.)

With all of that being said, the server is now officially open for Rebirth Issue 1: Edition 2. Feel free to see the #live-patch-notes . PTS will remain online as this is a "minor" update. (We only shut off the server on a full MAJOR update.) Do note that since this is an Edition: You will need to revalidate your files using your launcher.

Hope to see you in the city and happy hunting to you all.

- GM Retched