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LIVE SERVER May 30, 2021 - Ri1e2
« on: May 30, 2021, 09:14:31 pm »

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Rebirth Issue 1

Quality of Life and Gameplay

Rebirth's 2nd Anniversary

-Rebirth's 2nd Anniversary Badge will be available to anyone who logs in during the entire month of June

Reward Merits

-Reward Merits prices changed.
-Uncommons that cost 50 now costs 30.
-Uncommons that cost 75 now costs 60.
-Rare recipes that cost anywhere between 125-165 now cost 75.
-Rare Recipes that cost between 200-220 now costs 125.


-Astral Rare Recipes that cost 16 astrals now costs 12.
-Astral rare recipes that cost 32 now costs 24.


-Empyrean prices for Purples and PVPIOs are now all 30 (from 40-70).


-Alignment Merits (Hero or Villain) prices for Purples and PVPIOs are now 8 (from 20-35).

HEAT/VEAT Side Locking

-Epic Archetypes can now only start on the side they were intended to be created for.  They are not locked out of the alignment system and can still switch sides.
-Their story arcs and other factors lead us to correct this error that we were not aware of.   Current characters already created are not affected by this.

Base Pass-code Changes

-The slash command will now only work when standing near a base portal.  The base portal window should also take passcodes as well.
-This command was an admin command that wasn't intended for wider use by the playerbase.  We added it in as a way to give players more options to cross sides and open up the Cathedral of Pain Trial to Co-op play.  However, certain Technical and Gameplay issues have arisen that caused us to re-evaluate the slash commands continued use.
-Universal base access with passcodes (regardless of alignment) can still be used at or near any base portal.
-We apologize for any inconvenience.

Powers & AT Changes

New Guardian Archetype Icon
Gun Fu

-Attacks utilizing pistols no longer redraw.

Super Reflexes

-Practiced Brawler: fixed a sound effects loop.
-Practiced Brawler: lowered the hole in the absorption from 2 seconds to .50 seconds.
-Super Reflexes (Stalker): Quickness, Practiced Brawler, and Elude now accept Healing IO sets.

Radiation Composition

-Fixed missing FX for Ground Zero.

Bug Fixes

Task Forces

-TF final windows should now use actual numbers instead of eldritch Runes to report death numbers.
-It will only show zero unless you have the defeat challenge set but this should be fixed in a future issue.

Floating Absorb Number Disable

-Option has been added to disable the numbers that float over your head for absorb applications.  This is intended specifically for toggles that apply the same number every few seconds.  However it will apply to all absorb floating numbers.
-This option can be found in the Misc section on the General page of the Options window.

Contributors -Farm Tank, El Bee, Plutocracy, Super Hero
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