Author Topic: TEST SERVER Patch Notes June 22, 2021 - Ri1e3  (Read 4364 times)


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TEST SERVER Patch Notes June 22, 2021 - Ri1e3
« on: June 22, 2021, 06:50:20 am »
  • All members of a team, not just the leader, are granted credit for completing the "Crossing Over," "A Madman's Council," and "Heart of the Hollows" story arcs, allowing them to start Katie Hannon's task force, Ernesto Hess' task force, and the Cavern of Transcendence trial respectively.
  • Task Force and Strike Force contacts now grant you the ability to call them immediately upon beginning their missions.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented "The Casino Heist" during the Summer Blockbuster event from starting (the event is currently live on PTS).
    Dev Note: A huge "thank you" to Neptune from We Have Cake for tracking this issue down!
  • Reduced the timer to defend the henge in Buck Salinger's "Stop takeover of Salamanca" mission from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Corrected an issue that caused Assault Rifle's Sniper Rifle to play its draw animation repeatedly upon use. Additionally, there is now no redraw between Assault Rifle powers and Munitions Mastery powers that utilize the rifle.
  • The "Experienced" temp power available from both Super Packs and Paragon Rewards has had its cooldown reduced from 2 hours to 5 minutes.
  • The Leprechaun pet can now be summoned even if your feet aren't touching the ground.

Miscellaneous Bugfixes
  • Penelope Yin's task force will now correctly appear to count toward Task Force Commander's completion; this was entirely a visual bug.
  • Certain hooded huge characters now have hoods.
  • The game client has been updated with the Rebirth logo for its icon.
  • The logout confirmation text has been updated to reflect our 10 second logout time.
  • Chris Jenkins has received your complaints about his billboard, and has reluctantly agreed to limit his advertising to our three-dimensional realm.
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