Author Topic: TEST SERVER (PTS) July, 11, 2021  (Read 206 times)


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TEST SERVER (PTS) July, 11, 2021
« on: July 11, 2021, 09:33:07 pm »
New Features

 Tanker Aggro cap has been raised from the standard 17 for all Archetypes to a value of 25 for just the Tanks

 Trays can be locked to their current numerical value.  This does not affect their position.

Power Customization

Dark Blast, Dark Melee, Dark Assault, Dark Control, Dark Armor, Dark Miasma, and Dark Composition can now choose from the following themes:

Skull Theme
Skull Alt Theme
No Skull Theme
No Skull Alt Theme
Soul Noir Theme
Soul Noir Alt Theme

 Added the following alternate animations:

Energy Blast - Energy Torrent
    Bright & Dark Shoulder Animations
    Bright & Dark Palm Animations
    Bright & Dark Ground Punch Animations
    Bright & Dark Stomp Animations
Martial Combat - Eagles Claw
    Bright & Dark Face Smasher
Martial Combat - Ki Punch
    Bright & Dark Ki Strike
Martial Combat - Storm Kick
    Bright & Dark Gut Punch
    Bright & Dark Heavy Blow