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PTS (Test server) August 8, 2021 - Ri2
« on: August 08, 2021, 10:25:15 pm »
Energy Melee:
- Whirling Hands (Tanker/Brute)
Smashing Damage Scale increase from .6 to .7
Energy Damage Scale increase from .4 to .5

- Stun to Staggering Burst (Blaster/Tanker/Brute/Stalker)
Now a Melee(AoE) power with 8' radius
Change Invention set category from Melee to Melee(AoE)
Smashing Damage Scale increase from .25 to 1.15
Energy Damage Scale increase from .17 to .81
Recharge change from 20 seconds to 16 seconds
Endurance Cost change from 10.19 to 15.19
Guaranteed mag 3 stun on main target, 30% chance to mag 3 stun on AoE

- PvP numbers updated to reflect new changes

- Added Gladiator Merit Vendors.

- Removed lockout timers for purchasing enhancements or recipes from alignment vendors. (Needs to be tested)

Super Packs:
- Hero/Villain and Vigilante/Rogue Super Packs are able to be sold on the auction house like the Winter Super Pack.

- Updated the texture for the Winter Super Pack.

- Reduced the chances of receiving Team Inspirations.

- NEW POWERSET: Water Control
"You have total control over the power of water. Water Control grants you superior control over large groups and the ability to deal a good amount of damage to single targets. Your powers have a chance to inflict Drowning on a target, while under this effect, Deluge, Suffocate, Hypothermia, Turbulent Aura and Tidal Wave will deal more damage and these powers' secondary effects are enhanced."
-Exclusively for Controllers and Dominators.
-This set includes a pet for its tier 9 ability: Water Golem
-Riptide introduces a new mechanic to the game, a forced movement. When an enemy is within the radius of Riptide, they will be forced to move to point of origin of the power.

Removed Devito grafiti from Atlas park
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