Author Topic: Undo some Power Conflicts  (Read 98 times)


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Undo some Power Conflicts
« on: August 24, 2021, 08:36:55 am »
So a lot of builds have click location type powers, such as TP AoE, summons, fields, Teleportation etc. and at current these abilities do not cast when flying or hovering.

This goes back to cryptic and paragon devs days where they decided that it wouldn't work if you could both fly and teleport at the same time. and they extended it to summons and fields. Their thought process was "you have to be touching the ground to do that".

No idea why they thought that, but it gets in the way of a lot of builds taking fly or hover. This makes a lot of builds relatively grounded. heck even using a jetpack disables these attacks.

I would like to request changing this, flight powers shouldn't disable you from using these attack types.

One example is the non-combat pet summons, they will not cast unless you are on the ground.

Another example is Electric Melee's Lightning Rod. which could be said to touch ground on TP to discharge. so that is to say, self: anti-fly till  the Lightning Rod animation finishes, then back to hover or fly. You know an automatic thing rather than having to turn off hover or fly to do it at all.
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