Author Topic: A treatise on melitt history, evolution, biology and society (IC)  (Read 1032 times)


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A treatise on melitt history, evolution, biology and society (IC)
« on: September 22, 2021, 06:19:48 pm »
Thousands of years of self created isolation has been broken of recent. The devastation of the Devourer and their hordes wreaking havoc upon my fellows within the Topaz and Quartz sectors has brought an end to it. Much was lost and there is much more to cover than I can broach in this. Until such time that the Devourer is rid of this land, this will have to suffice. As I write this cover sheet, Vanguard is assisting myself, my family, and the rest of the melitt to a new location within the continent of South America. Though the danger of total extinction is past, the threat of lost knowledge holds still. Thus do I put to text that which I can recall of the history and evolution of my people. I do this to aid the understanding of humanity so we might aid one another against the many threats aligned against the world we inhabit. May the sovereign spirits guide us all in the trying days to come.

- Lantana of Topaz

Pre and Ancient History

Much of our ancient history has been lost both to time and to the Devourer’s assaults. What is known is our evolution began around 4 million years ago, much the same as the ‘homo sapien’ did we ‘apiono sapiens’ rise. Where humanity rose from apes we rose from various kinds of insects in the hymenoptera order. As humanity walked the earth of Africa and the Europes, we flew the skies of northern America. Or so I have been told by the few of our number old enough to remember the tales. One thing was certain, our species never spread wide. This is presumed to be because of conflicts with humanity in the past. This theory lead to the isolation doctrine that we held until recent. Any specific details, including the degree of how true the above is, eludes me however. Evidence of any of the above is largely left buried within ‘The Hive’.

One thing is certain however; it was in this isolation that we thrived. Partially out of paranoia of conflict and mostly due to the lack of expansion. This was easy to carry out until colonization efforts in the 1800s and the rapid expansion of human civilization within the past thousand years. Save for some interactions during the Era of Magic that lead us to cultivate a magic discipline of our own.

Magic and Technology

Our technology greatly leapt forward during some mysterious events in the 1400s. This period of time is called The Awakening. In the 1900s our technology rivaled that of the technology of today.

The bulk of our technology utilized crystal focuses of varieties. The area being devoid of rich veins of metal made us get creative with our resources. We had beam rifles of great strength, focuses to allow one to tap their greatest magics, and armor of diamonds. Most of these are lost to the Devourer. One secret I kept and have hence forwarded on is the secret of pure steel. The process involves weaving diamond dust, a pure carbon solution, into iron to create something far stronger. Not as strong as Impervium, but within a distance of it.

Our magics utilize one's spiritual power through crystal focuses. These focuses could take many forms, though the most popular were either small, convenient forms (amulets, rings, etc) or large forms for combat against the Devourer (Gauntlets being the most popular choice of such). It is unclear if Tieliekku or the Circle had anything to do with our awakening. Evidence points to a potential time travel event muddying the timeline and obscuring any information of the awakening. This enigma is another question we will need to answer once the Devourer is defeated.


We were housed in Apocrita: A massive sprawling underground complex of enormous scale. Apocrita was split into four sectors: The Amber sector responsible for feeding the city and known for its great gardens. The Topaz sector (the descent of yours truly) for the sciences and arcane studies. The Quartz Sector responsible for both the defense of the city and home to the finest crafters. Finally, the Opal Sector was home to the diarchies, the church of the sovereign spirits and of the arts. We were ruled by a king and queen of each of the sectors called the Diarchies. They were elected by those who worked in those sectors.

Our names come from where we are born, so we will always remember our roots no matter what sector of life you find yourself in. I, Lantana of Topaz, found myself as much at home in the Quartz sectors as I did in the Topaz studying how to manipulate magics. Where you were born never dictated your position in life however. Case in point: Zinnias of Amber once being a sugar cane farmer.

Our population paled in comparison to humanity, being at most 150,000 housed in Apocrita during the awakening.


This section will be harder for me to elaborate as this falls outside of my fields of study. To put it in the words of one of my instructors, Apiono Sapiens are bipedal insectoids that exhibit great strength, an endo and exo skeletal structure, flight through wings, have a minor psionic link to each other, can age up to hundreds of years, and are largely omnivorous due to meats containing more proteins than can be extrapolated easily from fauna.

It is believed that each one holds their psionic energy and can pass it down in the event of ones death. This is the theory of the sovereign spirit: that each melitt can channel the power of all of the melitt of the past. The smallest nymphs to the very diarchs themselves lend their strength to those in the future. This theory has never been confirmed since its establishment in the 1400s but is held as a superstition regardless.

Recent History and The Devourer

Sometime within the past 7 years, the being we know as the Devourer and humanity knows as Hamidon started a crusade to destroy us. The Devourer’s hatred of technology and desire to see a pure world without humanity caused them to view us as an obstacle and potential enemy. Apocrita was built underground in the place called by Paragon City as ‘The Hive’. Right under one of their forms. The Devourer discovered it and proceeded to wage war against us. Our technology, links, and magics allowed us to survive for as long as we did. A barrier constructed held out for the first two years.

Once that fell, members of the Quartz and Topaz would skirmish with the Horde. Through arms and intellect we held. This was until 7 months ago. The Crystal Titan lead a massive horde to assault Apocrita. We possessed no Ambrosia and thus had no way to withstand the oppressive beams of pure light. The titan destroyed the Quartz sector, greatly damaged the Topaz and Opal sectors, killed the kings of Topaz, the diarchy of Quartz, and the queens of Opal and Amber. They were pushed back at great loss but our defenses were greatly diminished.

It was then that the isolation doctrines were called into question and a select member of the now destroyed Quartz sector was sent to find help. Kacob of Quartz was chosen. He quickly discovered Paragon City and proceeded to garner support, knowledge, and strength. He became known as the Quartz Hornet to people of the city. They presumed him to be some form of mutant seen commonly among the cities superhero population. With assistance from a task force of heroes, the Crystal Titan was laid low. Kacob of Quartz, slayer of titans returned to Apocrita with knowledge of the outside world. Tales of his deeds outside Aprocrita were sung by minstrels in the remnants of the Opal sector.

Much discussion and debate was had at this point between the remaining diarchies and leaders of aspects of the remaining sectors. It was decided that two more must leave Apocrita to garner support and strength. Volunteers were called for. I stepped up as did Zinnias of Amber. I had a major talent with magics of healing and ice. Zinnias had a determination to rise above the fears set into our hearts by the Devourer. Our respective sectors diarchies gave us their blessing and we set off. My travels were limited as I spent more time in study than blasting thieves and crooks in the streets. I kept an eye on any reports and witnessed Zinnias undergo a transformation. When we had left, she was meek, easily frightened but possessed a fire within her. I cannot say for certain if it proves the theory of the sovereign spirit as I have seen this same zeal aid humanity as well. I digress however.

With strength and experience garnered from Paragon’s finest heroes and deadliest villains, assistance from Vanguard, and the retreat of the Devourer’s hordes we have finally had a moment to regroup. Zinnias has chosen to continue assisting humanity after having seen what other threats exist on this planet of ours. Kacob and myself have stayed within Apocrita until recently. Vanguard has found a suitable refuge for us within an island off the shore of south america and has already begun the logistical process of aiding us in moving to said location. All they wish for in exchange is all of our information on the Devourer we possess, samples and formulas of our pure steel, and crystal focuses for their battle with the Rikti. I have also personally elected to assist them in operations against the Rikti when I am able to.


Thus do we find ourselves here and now. The greatest mystery we hold at present is the question of outside influence during the awakening. Evidence suggests interactions with a faction during the era of magic and potential time travel interference during the awakening. Many questions lay unanswered and demand they be answered on the corpses of the Devourer and his horde. Until this day comes this is our story. For as many holes in our understanding as we have, it is still ours.

As melitt move to New Apocrita we place our hopes and strength on one Zinnias of Amber. Having seen them in the latest news reports I know our faith is placed well.
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