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Off topic thread #1
« on: October 06, 2021, 04:02:17 pm »
this thread is off topic....

and with that done I'm going to go make dinner now.

looks like food is warmed up stuff. a hoisin duck roll, some padron, mushroom and egg, and a bacon stirfry. and yoghurt and biscuits (Cookies; custard cream, bourbon cream, and fig rolls. and orange and chocolate chip (it's a british thing).) and an instant noodle spicy korean chicken flavour.

the whole chocolate orange flavour combination is historical to britain even though neither chocolate nor oranges are from the British isles.



I bought an ox cheek yesterday. I have never tried to cook something so tough before. tenderizing it seemed to do nothing. in the end I strifried it and wow it has this strong ox smell. like ox tail soup but x10. I also simmered it for a bit to try to release the tension. we will see what this monstrous beast tastes like.

I cooked it with extra hot chili powder, black soybeans, red sichuan peppercorns, salt, pepper garlic and ginger, with olive oil and sesame oil and light and dark soy sauce, a little spring onion. i stirfried the meat after tenderizing and slicing it in tiny bits. then while it was still a little undercooked removed it and began to cook some eggplant with the soy sauces. then when the eggplant was almost done, I readded the meat added water and let it simmer.

it tasted great and wasn't tough at all! definitely a distinctive flavor, definitely would suggest again. (though it's a lot of work)
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