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LIVE SERVER - October 10, 2021 - Ri2e2
« on: October 10, 2021, 08:33:45 pm »

Rebirth Issue 2 Edition 2 brings a major new update to CoH's familiar Halloween Event with NEW Costumes, a NEW Super Pack, and NEW Enhancement Sets!

NEW Costumes!

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with our new Dia de los Muertos Costume Pack!

This costume pack brings NEW Sombreros Cordobes to all character models, Rose Crowns for females, a new boney twist on the classic Baron Coat, and thematic face patterns and chest emblems for everyone!

NEW Super Pack: All Hallow's Eve!

Trick or Treating has never been so fun with our NEW All Hallow's Eve Super Pack!

Flip cards to collect all sorts of prizes from new Halloween themed enhancement sets, costume change tokens, aura and cape unlocks, and even permanent NPC costume change powers! But be careful, you just might get a rock!

All Hallow's Eve packs can be won through a successful completion of the Deadly Apocalypse zone event or purchased with Halloween Salvage from the Halloween Vendors found in Croatoa and Nerva Archipelago.

NEW Enhancement Sets!

5 New Halloween Themed Enhancement Sets, each with unique abilities/procs, all attuned and exclusively available from the All Hallow's Eve Super Pack.

Vampire's Bite (Melee) - Unique Proc: Chance for Self Heal

Endless Nightmare (Sleep) - Unique Proc: Chance for Fear, Psionic damage if woke early from the nightmare

The Haunting (Fear) - Unique Proc: Chance to summon Ghosts

Introducing not ONE but TWO, first-ever of their kind, new enhancement set categories—allowing players to create unique builds and take their gameplay to a new level of customization.

Witchcraft (First-ever: Universal Debuff Set) - Unique Proc: Chance for -Res(all)

Witchcraft, the first Universal Debuff Set, can be slotted into any power that can accept To Hit Debuff, Defense Debuff, Accurate To Hit Debuff, Accurate Defense Debuff, and Slow.

Return From The Grave (First-ever: Rez IO Set) - Unique 6-slot set bonus, Mass Rising: When the Rez power is used, fallen allies near the caster will receive a basic Rez effect as well.

Return From The Grave brings Rez powers to the front and center. This Attuned Enhancement set can be slotted into any self rez or ally rez power. Its signature Rez Effects enhancement type allows it simultaneously enhance any ability that the rez power it's slotted into has! Additionally, anyone willing to invest in slotting the full 6-piece enhancement set will be granted the special ability, Mass Rising. Mass Rising releases a PbAoE ally rez around the cast whenever they use the rez power that is fully slotted with Return From The Grave.

Revival of the Rez Powers!
Rez powers have received a QoL and update pass to improve some of the more lackluster rezzes and make them more attractive and useful choices.

  Empathy's Resurrection now grants the rezzed target a buff to their Defense, Damage, and Tohit, similar to the set's Fortitude buff.

  Regeneration's Revive now grants the user a significant buff to regeneration and recovery.

  The tohit buff in Willpower's Resurgence is now enhanceable.

  Fiery Aura's Rise of the Phoenix now grants the user a substantial damage buff.

  Dark Armor's Soul Transfer now has a stacking regeneration and recovery buff component.

  Warshade's Stygian Return now stuns foes like the Dark Armor rez it is based on, and now has the same stacking regeneration and recovery buff component.

  Peacebringer's Reform Essence now grants the user a damage, tohit, and recovery buff, and its healing component is now enhanceable.

  The to hit buff in Radiation's Mutation is now enhanceable.

  The tohit buff in Conduit of Pain in Corruptor/Mastermind Pain Domination and Guardian Pain Focusing is now enhanceable.

  Reconstructive Healing's Revive now grants the user a significant regeneration and recovery buff.

Collect 33 Permanent Halloween Costumes and more!

Additionally, look forward to collecting all of the new rewards in the All Hallow's Eve Super Pack:
  • Account-wide unlock of Costume Slot #7 (still under development)
  • Account-wide Back Slot Unlock (aka Capes) (must be level 20 on the character opening this pack for a chance to receive this card.)
  • Account-wide Aura Unlock (must be level 30  on the character opening this pack for a chance to receive this card)
  • Free Costume Change Token (aka Free Tailor Tokens)
  • Character Respec Token
  • The Rock (Temporary Power)
  • Halloween salvage items (Statesman Halloween Mask, Lord Recluse Halloween Mask, Back Ally Brawler Halloween Gloves, and Hamidon Halloween Costume)

Halloween Event Rewards

Deadly Apocalypse
  Look for these new rewards when completing the Deadly Apocalypse Zone Event:
  • Claim an All Hallow's Eve Super Pack by completing the Deadly Apocalypse Zone Event once every 2 hours.
  • Choosing any temporary power also rewards 3 random Halloween salvage.
  • Have all the temporary powers or just want Halloween Salvage instead?  We have added a reward option for 4 random Halloween salvage only.

Halloween Tip Mission, Malleus Mundi
  • Now rewards 2 random Halloween salvage the first time you choose a reward that grants a badge
  • Claiming the reward again after the badge has been earned will grant 1 random Halloween salvage

Other Cosmetics

Paragon Option Unlocks
  • Butterflies, Fireworks, Microbial, Wealthy, and Wisps auras now available (M/F/H)
  • Roaches path aura now available (M/F/H)
  • Watcher trench coat now available (M)
  • Money Bag and Vanguard Jetpack backpacks now available (M/F/H)
  • Pilgrim, Tricorner, Firefighter 1, and Firefighter 2 hats now available (M/F/H)
  • Princes hat now available (F)

Bug Fixes

Female Asym Chests
  • Capes and back details will now be associated with correct chest type, i.e. Armored chests once again have armored appropriate collar geometries
  • Cybertech base textures for chests placed in correct alphabetical ordering in female Jackets chest library
  • Alpha pattern mask placed in correct alphabetical ordering in general patterns female chests mask library
  • Athletic pattern mask for female chests should now display correctly
Energy Melee
  • Staggering Burst has been put back in its box, and will no longer invade the Recipes tab (Text errors involving Staggering Burst and Stun fixed)
  • Staggering Burst: Fixed erroneous numbers for Stalker, Brute and Scrapper guaranteed stun
  • Characters will no longer feel like kicking eachother whenever they receive a Mystic Fortune.
  • The Overpowering Presence Controller ATO set is no longer double the presence
  • Fixed Guardian Kinetic Assault not having Resolve
  • Guardian ATOs can now correctly be slotted in the attacks in Ninja Assault and Military Assault, and in Shredder Mine and Seeker Drones in Infiltrator Training.
  • Various resist powers in the Guardian secondary powersets Atmospheric Composition, Dark Composition, Fiery Composition, Ice Composition, and Reconstructive Healing will no longer have their resistance effects incorrectly increased by damage buffs on the user.
  • Fixed missing cards in Super Packs.
  • Emblem menu for male robes, sleeveless robes, and shirts cleaned up
  • Minor alphabetization errors in other chest symbol menus cleaned up
  • The maximum number of Rocks has been increased from 10 to 25.
Temporary Changes
  • To avoid confusion, the incomplete origin power pools (Experimentation, Force of Will, Gadgetry, and Utility Belt) are no longer visible when leveling up. These power pools were incomplete as of the original shutdown and are still missing animations, FX, and mechanics; they will return once they have been finished and are usable.
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