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Plasma Gal Electric/fire
« on: October 22, 2021, 08:10:53 pm »
I came up with this build and name back on live after my wp/elec tank was overkill. I figured I'd do well with even more damage, and due to bonuses AoE attacks can help get massive +damage.

the only problem is wp on a scrapper isn't as OP. so, I decided to go all-in and just make it mass damage.

Due to firey aura's list of AoE this quickly became the target. but no matter how I mess with it, the def and res numbers just wont go anywhere near what's necessary for a stand-alone style scrapper. if I remember correctly the def necessary to be stand-alone is 32% or greater. high res is ok, but def is necessary. this build does not do that.

this build was thus never a focus on live because it really is the kindof build where you either hit a mob and kill shortly after contact or you die. I was always unsure of whether the increase in AoE would be enough to make up for the drop in def and res. to be honest even upto L19 it has performed far better than expected.

It does have weaknesses, toxic, and holds/stun/mez/sleep etc. that and practically any debuff seems to hit it hard. however this may be resolved in the final build! (if impervious skin is available this build will be solid against effects.) Like most builds it's incredibly end-use heavy so pacing is necessary.

honestly once I get that solved this should be an amazing build. then again L19 is proving to be tough with this build

It is not easy to master, and takes a lot of work to use. not suggested for your first build. it probably wont win any awards.

I'll post the build as I complete it. (I'm doing the completionist thing just in case it proves to be better than I thought it'd be)

Electric Melee:
Havoc Punch - no slots but the default (a shame as it's more powerful than charged brawl and my wp/elec tank never got to use it)

Firey Aura:
Fire Shield - till L7 this gets all the slots till 6 slots, this is to provide max strength early on and functions as a proc mule later.

Blazing Aura - gets all the slots till L11 to 6 slots, This aura actually seems critical to early survival, so many toons I've made suffer from having to cast a powerful attack to get rid of that last needle of HP most enemies have after 2 hits, this aura solves that problem.

Electric Melee:
Jacob's ladder- cone -it's difficult to use, you really need to herd enemies on a corner select your target then jump to the other side of the mob and cast.
it gets no extra slots, yet.

the L13 slots go on inherent Health - you will need the regeneration! (I am kind-of considering adding in a few slots on Stamina as well, as Endurance seems to be a weak point with this build. though that may soon change, and is looking good in the final numbers after sets so for now I'm just grinning and bearing it.)

Build-up - DMG? yes. definitely. also this functions from experience as an early tohit buff, it's critical in order to dispose of problem enemies.
no slots on this yet.

Firey Aura:
Healing flames - this was a mistake. I assumed it was a toggle. I was counting on the toxic res it gives, but it ended up being critical to survival, popping it mid group with vahzilok works wonders, in other groups popping it below 25% HP is usually enough to herd or take out a problem enemy.

Temperature protection - really doesn't do much for me unless enemies are using fire. but it's good to have.

Electric Melee:
Thunder Strike - it begins! this second AoE seems to make this build fairly stable as a killing machine. it gets all the slots from level 15 up till it gets 6 slots, for max damage/accuracy.

Now Build-up gets a slot at L19

Fighting Pool:
Kick - kb/kd works wonders

tough - attempt to soft cap smashing/lethal res.

weave - you need the def.

Firey Aura:
Consume - it's an AoE attack. the fact it gives +end only makes it better. that makes 3 AoE on this and solves some of the end problems.

and thats as far as I got so far.

21: 2 slots Build-up - this is going to be the focus till it's six slotted at 24. I mean what good is all that AoE if you only hit 1 target or not at all? and whats a scrapper's damage without extra damage boosts?

22: Plasma Sheild - energy and negative res for when I need it. + Hold and Sleep Res (FINALLY.. I probably need it at 15 because thats when mobs start with holds)

23: 2 slots build-up - finally 6 slots, max tohit the power can give with normal enhancements = get

Electric Melee:
Chain Induction - everything is starting to die before I can really use a lot of powers, end use is thus reduced. Really unexpected! timing this right when in a mob really helps deal the damage. timing consume right really refills End and often finishes the mob off or makes it so blazing aura can finish them off; Build-up, thunderstrike, then consume and chain induction (in any order) and the mob is ended by blazing aura.
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