Author Topic: Coming to you live from the tunnels under Praetoria, it's Trivia with Draggynn!  (Read 4185 times)


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I've been running trivia as part of the Underground Trials on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  I've been posting it under the #lore channel on discord, but thought I would make this post a reference to those posts so that you can find them as they start to get buried in other #lore discussions.  It may turn out that two full length quizzes a week is a bit much, but we'll see.  Currently I'm reusing the trivia at MSRs so, the answers won't be posted until after that:

11/2/2021:   Inaugural Quiz: Testing the Waters
11/4/2021:   Topics: Devs and Their Secret Identities, Defense, and Lore Analogies
11/9/2021:   Topics: Game History, Hero Agencies, and Damage
11/11/2021: Topics: Enhancements, Villain Leaders, and Famous on the Forums
11/16/2021: Topics: Do You Even Build?, Players in the Game, and Rularuu
11/30/2021: Topics: Name that Zone, the End of the Rainbow, and Costumes
12/2/2021:   Topics: Villain Identities, Inspirational, and Let it Snow!
12/7/2021:   Topics: In the Beginning, Hamidon Raids, and Name that Badge (Issue 2)
12/14/2021: Topics: The Price is Right, Meet the Coles, and Have You Been Paying Attention?
12/21/2021: Topics: Real People, It's a Race, and Our Alien Friends
1/4/2022:     Topics: Knockback, Name that Group, Digital Goodies
1/11/2022:   Topics: Fledgling Heroes, The Dead Doctor, Endurance and How to Get It
1/20/2022:   Topics: Shop 'til you drop, Task Forces, the Cake is a Lie!
1/25/2022:   Topics: Order of the Four Winds, Where's Waldo, Inspirations, again.
2/3/2022:     Topics: Hazards, Go Faster, Badges (Issue 3)
2/8/2022:     Topics: True Love, Don't Lose Your Head, Valentine's Day
3/10/2022: Topics: Community, Souvenirs, and The Best Defense is Damage!
3/22/2022: Topics: The Comics, Badges (Issue 4), Hero Identities
3/29/2022: Topics: Sisters, April Fools, First Ward
4/21/2022: Topics: Costume, Vindicators, Meat Shields
5/31/2022: Topics: GMs, Day Jobs, and 'I'd like to be your Neighbor
7/12/2022: Topics: Corps, Inherents, Procs and Globals
8/11/2022: Topics: Plots, Badges (Issue 5), Awful Park
9/20/2022: Topics: Villainous, "ARE YOU NOT CONTAINED!", and This Space for Rent.
12/6/2022: Topics: All You Can Eat, Baby It's Cold Outside, and Flashback!
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