Author Topic: 🚥 ⚠️ NETWORK DISRUPTIONS: PARTIALLY ALL CLEAR ⚠️ 🚥  (Read 50 times)


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Afternoon everyone, earlier this morning I reported that there was a connection issue over at our game server's data center. The datacenter crews reported back to me that evidently that outage was caused by a downed fiber cable. After working with their bandwidth providers, they did manage to get all servers (not just ours but the WHOLE data center) back up and running.

The game server seems to be functioning fine as I go through the box myself at this time. (It's as if the box didn't get cut off except for the several error messages I see from forced disconnects on the AuthServer to the game worlds.)

For anyone wanting to play on, you're welcome to do so but exercise caution. During the financial call out for the 2022-2023 years, I'll be working with a few members of the admin team and possibly reaching out to other game servers for recommendations on other hosts. We're prepaid up until August 2022, so I can't ask for a refund (even a prorated one) and I'd rather not move us to another host until we're all paid out.

For now, once again, happy hunting. And I hope you have a safe holidays.

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