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LIVE SERVER - December 12, 2012 - Ri2e3
« on: December 12, 2021, 10:49:52 pm »
New to Rebirth? Interested in checking out our server? Start here:
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Issue 2 Edition 3 brings a twist to CoH's Winter Event.

It's the Fright Before Christmas! Get ready for NEW Holiday Horror mobs, NEW Ice Power Customizations, NEW Powerset Proliferation for Ice Melee, Armor and Cold Domination!

During this event, Halloween mobs festooned in winter wear burst from presents! All drop both Candy Canes and Halloween salvage, good for Lords of Winter and All Hallow's Eve super packs. There are even two giant monsters, including a rare icy version of a familiar friend.

6 New badges have been added for the event:

  • The Fright Before Christmas: Login during the event
  • Stocking Stuffers: Defeat 50 festive Zombies
  • Damaged During Delivery: Defeat 33 gift tossing Werewolves
  • Back For Blood: Defeat 25 of Santa's Vampires
  • Bad Santa: Defeat 1 giant imposter to earn this badge
  • What’s this?: Defeat 1 very special monster to earn this badge

NEW Ice Power Customization Options

Check out the many new animations available to every ice powerset!

Ice Melee powers now have a full set of both sword and non-sword animation and FX options:
  • Frozen Fist
    • Frozen Fists now uses the shorter single-punch animation
    • Frozen Fists now has an alternate ice sword animation (with greater ice sword option)
  • Ice Sword
    • Ice Sword now has an alternate overhand swing animation
    • Ice Sword now has an alternate non-sword ice fist smash animation (with greater ice sword option)
  • Greater Ice Sword
    • Greater Ice Sword animation sped up
    • Greater Ice Sword now has an alternate uppercut swing animation (with regular ice sword option)
    • Greater Ice Sword now has an alternate non-sword ice fist clobber animation
  • Freezing Touch
    • Freezing Touch now has an alternate ice sword stab animation (with greater ice sword option)
  • Frozen Aura
    • Frozen Aura now has an alternate ground punch animation
  • Assasin's Icicle
    • All-new Assassin's Icicle power FX for Stalker Ice Melee, with both icicle stab and ice sword variations (with greater ice sword option)

Ice Armor style powers now have four new, less obtrusive power themes so your character no longer has to be covered in ice cubes! This affects Ice Armor's Frozen Armor, Wet Ice, Glacial Armor, and Energy Absorption (only has Frost theme for now), Cold Domination's Ice Shield and Glacial Shield, and all versions of Frozen Armor in ancillary/patron pools.
  • Icy Coating theme: A shifting layer of thin icy chips fitting closer to your character's body
  • Frost Armor theme: A subtle layer of translucent frost on your character
  • Chill Armor theme: A cloud of cold mist around your character
  • No Covering theme: A minimal FX style theme with no obscuring graphics

NEW Ice Powerset Updates
Ice Melee Proliferation for Scrappers and Stalkers

Ice Armor Proliferation for Scrappers

Cold Domination Proliferation for Masterminds

Ice Melee power updates:
  • Frozen Fist
    • Frozen Fists activation time reduced from 1.33s to 0.83s
    • Frozen Fists damage increased from scale 0.84 to 1.0, recharge time increased from 3s to 4s, endurance cost increased from 4.37 to 5.2
  • Freezing Touch
    • Freezing Touch is now balanced as an attack rather than a mez; damage increased from scale 1.68 to scale 2.92, endurance cost increased from 10.19 to 15.184, DoT sped up from 5s to 3s, and 50% of the damage is front-loaded. (Also affects blaster version)
  • Greater Ice Sword
    • Greater Ice Sword activation time reduced from 2.33s to 1.83s

Ice Armor power updates:
  • Frozen Armor
    • Frozen Armor defense increased from scale 1.8 to scale 2.0
  • Wet Ice
    • Wet Ice unenhanceable scale 0.1 defense removed
    • Wet Ice now has ticking absorb at scale 0.5 every 10s
  • Permafrost
    • Permafrost now has scale 1 S/L/E/N resist
  • Glacial Armor
    • Glacial Armor defense increased from scale 1.8 to scale 2.0

Ice Blast power updates:
  • Bitter Freeze Ray
    • Bitter Freeze Ray animation has been sped up from 2.5s to 2.0s

Ice Manipulation power updates:
  • Frozen Aura
    • Blaster Frozen Aura now deals damage, like the Ice Melee version

NEW & IMPROVED Super Pack: Lords of Winter!

Now your earn these packs in game with Candy Canes at the Holiday Vendor in the Pocket D Ski Chalet!

Flip cards to collect all sorts of prizes from Winter themed enhancement sets, snowy Temporary powers, candy canes, and more!

NEW Enhancement Sets!

2 New Winter Enhancement Sets, each with unique abilities/procs, all attuned and exclusively found in the improved Lords of Winter Super Pack.

Winter Storm (Slow) - Unique Proc: Chance for Cold Damage

The new Winter Storm slow enhancement set brings icy offense effects to slow powers rounding out the current winter damage enhancement sets which brought slows, holds, and other stalling effects to damage powers.

Winter Storm features a change for Cold Damage proc along with the following set bonuses:

(2) Recovery
(3) Slow
(4) Accuracy
(5) Recharge
(6) Damage

Catalyze Winter Storm into Superior Winter Storm to take these sets and bonuses to the max.

Winter's Gift (Universal Travel) - Unique Proc: Slow Resistance

The Lord of Winter Super Pack introduces for the the first time ever the attuned Winter's Gift universal travel enhancements into the game.

Now for the first time ever the attuned Winter's Gift enhancements can be catalyzed into Superior Attuned Winter's Gift for stronger set bonuses and proc effects. This is a unique set. No more than 1 of each enhancement of this set may be slotted by a character.

Player Cosmetics

Tail feathers now available under tails for all genders. Big thanks to Ourodev and Ominousvoice!

Chain Gun model now unlocked for all Assault Rifle users.

Spiderweb 2, Torn Mesh, and skin versions of Tribal Teeth and Tribal added to female asym chests.

Diamond Split added to female asym hips.

Big Bolt, Freem, Detonation, and Rifts patterns for asym hips and torsos have been refined.

Chain Mail wrists have been added as a sub option to all diversified gloves.

Pony tail version of Male Post Apocalyptic cornrows should now display correctly.

Fixed an issue with FX elements on multiple legacy gloves when used in asymmetrically.

Fixed an issue with certain gloves that caused a crash to desktop when using the SG costume editor.

Note: Male Asym Torsos are coming with the next update! Start saving costumes now for conversion to the new system with an updated version of Jagged's Costume Converter tool!

R&V and H&V Super Packs
  • Super Packs have been rebalanced to feature higher chances of receiving ATOs and lower chances of receiving very rare enhancements
  • Cost of Alignment merits for Heroes & Villains and Rogue and Vigilante Super Packs has been halved from 6 to 3 and 10 to 5 respectively

New Winter Event Rewards

Earn Candy Canes in the Ski Chalet Slopes for beating race time challenges!

Timed Advance Slope:
  • Gold Medal   (0:50) - 4 Canes
  • Silver Medal (1:00) - 3 Canes
  • Bronze Medal (1:10) - 2 Canes
Expert Slope:
  • Gold Medal    (0:25) - 2 Canes
  • Silver Medal (0:35) - 1 Canes
  • Bronze Medal (0:45) - 1 Canes

Miscellaneous QoL:
  • The Holiday vendor's items have been reorganized into category tabs
  • Reduced cost of the Holiday Respec from 500 candy canes to 50
  • Added Absorb monitoring to Combat Attributes
  • Added Dual, Dual Team, and Super Inspirations to Combine 3
  • Enhancement Catalysts are now tradable
  • Added the correct background to the Guardian ATO Super Pack icons and centered the Guardian's Gift icon

Bug Fixes

  • The Witchcraft Universal Debuff set was incorrectly not slottable in a variety of powers. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed some Witchcraft set descriptions that were misreporting the enhancement percentage
  • Fixed enhancement percentages on some Return From The Grave enhancements that were using the wrong values
  • Fixed minor enhancement value error on triple aspect enhancements in the superior versions of Halloween and Guardian enhancement sets
  • Fixed Day job salvage reward was for the Store/AH accolade IO discount salvage reward
  • Fixed Dr. Vahz boot & glove coloration issue. Gloves and boots should no longer be bleached out
  • Fixed the description of the Very Rare Recipes rewards choice from Incarnate Trials.
  • Fixed missing description on the (Corruptor) Scourging Blast proc Super Pack card

The Fright Before Christmas

Twas the Fright Before Christmas and all through the City,
Many creatures were stirring, none of them pretty.
Presents were scattered waiting for clicks.
Proof that the Gamester was up to old tricks.
Villains were nestled all snug in their lairs
Nefarious plots their only cares.
My teammates and I had just gotten back
From thwarting another Freakshow attack.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But Vampires and Witches at the wrong time of year.

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