Author Topic: FARM TANK - Slash Command Abbreviations  (Read 159 times)


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FARM TANK - Slash Command Abbreviations
« on: November 03, 2022, 08:06:23 pm »
Greetings,  I'm writing this to let you know about some upcoming changes.  I wanted to make sure this information was in an easy to reference location all on its own.  Some new slash commands are coming to Rebirth and I hope some of the players find them useful. First is a new command for screenshots that allows you to save images to a custom folder.  This folder will still be in the same location as your game folder but will have whatever name you give it.

/screenfile "foldername"

The next grouping is a series of commands intended specifically for use in macros. They may seem bizarre but the specific "abbreviations" are a result of technical limitations in the existing code.  This work came from an understanding that char limits are a problem for some macro users.  This should go some way to help with that.  They do not do anything different from the longer versions of the same command.

"/tge_x", CMD_TARGET_ENEMY_NEXT, "Cycles through visible target-able enemies in near to far order."

"/tge_p", CMD_TARGET_ENEMY_PREV, "Cycles through visible target-able enemies in far to near order."

 "/tge_n", CMD_TARGET_ENEMY_NEAR, "Targets the nearest enemy."

"/tge_f", CMD_TARGET_ENEMY_FAR, "Targets the farthest enemy."

"/tgf_n", CMD_TARGET_FRIEND_NEAR, "Targets the nearest friend."

"/tgf_f", CMD_TARGET_FRIEND_FAR, "Targets the farthest friend."

"/tgf_x", CMD_TARGET_FRIEND_NEXT, "Cycles through visible target-able friends in near to far order."

"/tgf_p", CMD_TARGET_FRIEND_PREV, "Cycles through visible target-able friends in far to near order."

The following group of commands are just like the ones above but also took params that have also been shortened as well.  For instance the command for target custom near enemy would be "/tgt_r em"

"/tgt_n", CMD_TARGET_CUSTOM_NEAR, "Targets the nearest match."

"/tgt_f", CMD_TARGET_CUSTOM_FAR, "Targets the farthest match."

"/tgt_x", CMD_TARGET_CUSTOM_NEXT, "Cycles through matching targets in near to far order."

"/tgt_p", CMD_TARGET_CUSTOM_PREV, "Cycles through matching targets in far to near order."

These are the shortened params available for above commands.  The original in game system for any non-param matching tokens being matched against the name for specific targeting is still available.  As long as it does not match the original or shortened form of the params that system should still work just fine.

em = "enemy - Hostile enemies"

fd = "friend - Friendlies (including pets)"

dd = "defeated - 0 HP targets"

ae = "alive - Living targets"

mp = "mypet - Include only your pets"

np = "notmypet - Exclude your pets"

bc = "base - Include only passive base items"

bn = "notbase - Exclude passive base items"

tm = "teammate - Include only teammates"

tn = "notteammate - Exclude teammates"


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Re: FARM TANK - Slash Command Abbreviations
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2022, 11:10:48 pm »
I am profoundly offended that these are not in the form of Praetorian Clockworktalk.

Seriously, though, this is going to be useful!