Author Topic: Is Paragon City what it seems?  (Read 6927 times)


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Is Paragon City what it seems?
« on: January 01, 2022, 01:00:16 am »
Paragon City is supposed to be a shining light of truth and justice, but I've come to the sad conclusion that Paragon city is a fascist hell-hole every bit as bad as Praetoria.  How can that be you say?  Consider the following points:
  • ‘Heroes’ are frequently tasked with going out and defeating ‘villain’ groups in the streets.  Often times these groups are just peacefully standing around in their own groups talking.
  • ‘Heroes’ are frequently tasked with an unannounced forceful entrance and search of buildings without a warrant.  Oftentimes with the purpose of taking things that belong to that group.  The Circle of Thorns are frequently victims of these blatant thefts.
  • ‘Heroes’ don’t perform heroic duties that are beneath them.  I have never seen a member of the Freedom Phalanx stoop to helping a mugging victim, have you?  For that matter, how many mugging victims do ‘Heroes’ ignore because it doesn’t give them enough influence or prestige?
  • Elite criminals are frequently sent to the Zig even though the authorities know they will escape.  No effort has been made to prevent these repeated escapes.  This cannot be an accident.
  • Only the elite few get access to the medi-porter while the most vulnerable in society are left to suffer.  We have been told there is a good reason, but never what that reason is.  Perhaps the good reason is not as wholesome as we would like.
At least the Rogue Isles do not pretend to be virtuous.

The good news is that the good citizens of Paragon City are beginning to realize their leaders are not looking out for them.  You can now see them protesting the lack of access to medi-porter technology.  Hopefully they will also realize the rest of the horror that Paragon City has become.