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PTS (Test Server) Feb 20, 2022 - Ri3
« on: February 20, 2022, 09:35:02 pm »
- Added bulk option for common salvage rolls equal to 5 rolls of salvage
- Raised held Ticket Cap to 99,999
- Raised per mission ticket cap to 2039
- Hall of Fame Developer's Choice missions should now grant the Critic badge

- Corrected oversight on Mastermind Cold Domination not having boostsets. They should now properly take sets.
- Fixed Guardian Spring Attack incorrectly dealing no damage, it now does damage as normal.
- Mastermind pets can once again slot Recharge Intensive Pet invention sets.
- Controller Darkness Affinity's Fade is no longer affected by power boost effects; this should never have been possible as it leads to a bug with the resistance values.
- Dominator Psionic Mastery's Link Minds can now correctly be affected by power boost effects.
- The resistance buff in Nature Affinity's Wild Growth is no longer resistible. (This bug did not affect the Guardian version.)
- Guardian Hellfire Assault's Lash and Crack Whip now correctly use the melee damage table instead of ranged.

- The Tech Knight mace and staff now have the energy ball correctly positioned at the end of the weapon instead of being stuck to the character's hand.


 - Overt 500 grahmathical grammatical and! spelling errors have been andresed adresed fixed.
 - Alignment Merits should no longer wipe on alignment transition

- Adds Team Transport to Hero and Villain Alignment vendors.
   - You must be a Reaffirmed Hero or Villain to purchase for 1 alignment merit and 25 million inf.
   - These powers will work in any Hero or Villain zone respectively. These have 4 charges. Using them outside of these zones causes the power to do nothing.
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Issue 4 has been released! You can find the patch notes here:,322.0.html