Author Topic: PTS June 12, 2020 - Ri4  (Read 914 times)


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PTS June 12, 2020 - Ri4
« on: June 12, 2022, 09:28:06 pm »
White and Black Dwarfs now have their own Heal tables that are scaled up to account for their increased HP.  This means the following:

White Dwarf - Essence Boost and Restore Essence
- Restore Essence healing amount was corrected.  It once again heals 25%.
- Essence Boost has its healing properties boost by 1.75x.

Black Dwarf - Black Dwarf Drain and Stygian Circle
- Dwarf Drain  healing amount was corrected.  It once again heals 10%.
- Stygian Circle has it's healing properties boost by 1.75x.

New Power Customization option "No Fade" for  Warshade Shadow Cloak.

Black Dwarf Mire and Orbiting Death (Dwarf form) now taunt foes.  The taunt radius of Orbiting Death is 8ft.

Combat Jumping now suppresses instead of performing a transformation into human form like travel powers.
Pool power toggles now grant a recovery bonus equal to their endurance cost while suppressed in Nova or Dwarf forms.
  Additionally, we've corrected recovery bonus to match the endurance cost value as it changes due to being enhanced for endurance reduction.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause powers to become stuck in disabled mode when quickly shifting between shapeshift forms while on powers were on cooldown.
- Shadow Step had its hover length fixed and is back to 4s.  This power's changes were released in an incomplete state with some elements present from our upcoming pool revamp.  Shadow Step has been reverted to its original effects for now.  The complete improved version will appear in a future update.

Bug fixes:
- Mastermind Heat Mastery, Rise of the Phoenix: Can now properly slot rez sets.
- Mastermind Cold Domination, Infrigidate, Snow Storm, Sleet, and Heat Loss: Can now properly slot universal debuff sets.
- Stalker Ice Melee, Build Up: The Assassin's Mark Stalker ATO set proc will now correctly recharge this power.
- Stalker Ice Melee and Radiation Melee: The AoE attacks in these sets now correctly have a chance to critically hit.
- Stalker Radiation Melee, Atom Smasher: The stun effect in this power now actually functions.
- Doppelganger NPCs for player characters with the Ninja Assault, Military Assault, Kinetic Assault, and Infiltrator Training power sets will now have appropriate powers to match the player they are mimicking.

Balance tweaks:
- Consume (all versions): Duration on minor recovery effect increased from 15s to 30s. Recharge reduced from 180s to 120s (primary/secondary versions) or from 360s to 180s (epic pool versions).
- Savage Melee, Blood Thirst: Recharge reduced from 180s to 90s.
- Guardian Infiltrator Training, Intrusion: Now grants a global endurance discount effect when active.

- The fire holds Char and Cinders now have a new 'fiery binds' visual customization option. This includes epic pool versions of Char as well.
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