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PTS July 11, 2022 (Test Server) - Ri4
« on: July 14, 2022, 08:19:00 pm »
- Add a new icon for Renew Energy in Luminous Aura.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the description and spelling issues in Inner Light, Bright/Dark Nova Form, and White/Black Dwarf Form.


New epic pools

Two new Fire and Ice themed epic pools are now available for Corruptors and Defenders, to expand the options available to these archetypes to better match the full thematic variety of their primary and secondary powersets. These new pools contain the following powers:

Frost Mastery
- Block of Ice
- Frostbite
- Frozen Armor
- Hoarfrost
- Hibernate

Inferno Mastery
- Char
- Consume
- Fire Shield
- Bonfire
- Rise of the Phoenix


Revised Gadgetry Patch Notes:

The Gadgetry power pool is now available for selection! Gadgetry is an origin-themed power pool that is mutually exclusive with Sorcery and Force of Will.

Nano Net - Ranged, Foe -Speed, -Recharge, -Fly, -Regen

You trap your foe in an energy net that significantly reduces their movement speed, attack rate and regeneration rate for a short time. Affected foes will also be knocked out of the sky.

Energy Gauntlet - Ranged, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -Regen

You fire a concentrated blast from a sophisticated energy gauntlet. Energy Gauntlet deals Moderate energy damage and will reduce the target's regeneration rate for a short time.

Jetpack - Toggle: Self Fly, (Special)

By activating this power will you will be able to fly at high speeds. While this power is active you will have the ability to engage a Turbo Boost for a short time to further speed up your flight. Recharge: Moderate

Turbo Boost - Click, Self +Fly Speed

Activating this power will give you a massive burst to your flight speed for a short time. Recharge: Very Long

Gauntlet Barrage - Ranged Cone, Moderate DMG(Energy), Foe -Regen

You fire off a series of energy blasts from an advanced energy gauntlet dealing Moderate energy damage to foes in long cone in front of you. Gauntlet Barrage requires you to have two other powers from the Gadgetry power pool. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Moderate

Force Barrier - Self, +Absorb

You activate an energy field around you for a short time that will absorb a high amount of damage before dissipating. Force Barrier requires you to have two other powers from the Gadgetry power pool. Recharge: Very Long

The pool leans into an Energy Gauntlet motif with two customization options:

Color Tintable (Gauntlet attacks with a customizeable holographic glove aura)
No Glove FX (Gauntlet attacks without the holographic glove aura)

The Jetpack power also has two customizations exclusive to Gadgetry: Boot Thrusters and Boot Repulsors.

Gauntlet Barrage features a unique compound animation, the first of its kind seen in City of Heroes. The Force Barrier power features a new sound fx crafted by one of our developers!




- Added new lowered hood option to face detail 2 for male, female, and huge.

- Unlocked Samurai Menpo and Oni Guard (previously only available on Half Helmets) for
Standard, Full Mask, Hats, and Hood categories for male, female, and huge.

- Updated tights and sleek tights base textures for male pants, replacing existing Ri3
placeholder textures. Models affected include loose pants, tight pants, flared, bell bottoms,
and baggy.

- Added Technis and Goth face patterns to Full Helmets pattern mask menu.

- Metallic Alien Skull and Metallic Elongated Alien Skull now appear as sub options below
their first entry.

- Cybertech, Cybertech Dreads, Post Apocalyptic Corn Rows, and (female only) Tucked Ear hairstyles'
secondary options now all appear as sub options below their first entry.

- Wake Path Aura added to Path Auras for all genders.

Glowing and Animated Skins:

- Added the following glowing and animated skin suites to the game
   - Fluorescent
   - Incandescent
   - Incandescent Skin
   - Neon (does not accept pattern masks)
   - Plasma
   - Prismatic
   - Prismatic Dephased
   - Radium
   - Sand (does not accept pattern masks)
   - Spectral
   - Uncanny Illumination

They have been filed in alphabetically in alphabetic menus. In curated menus, Sand is filed
adjacent to Stone and the glowing skins are all often AFTER Paragon-era Fire and Ice options.

Note in some cases, certain textures are not supported with certain geometries due to quality
or technical issues. For example, Sand is not supported on Folded or Finned Boots and Gloves.
Plasma and Spectral are not available on Skirts.

These skins are available on male, female, and huge under the following costume parts:

- Heads:
   - All head options where standard faces are available:
     Standard, Hats, Full masks, Hoods, Half Helmets, Special Helmets
- Full Helmets:
   - Blast Bot, Steel Helm, Retro Tech, Tech Helm, Alien Skull, Elongated Alien Skull, Critix

- Hair as sub-options of the following styles:
   Male & Huge:
      - Fury, Combed Back, Parted, Surfer, Spikey, Buzz Cut, Ice, Flat Top, Medium,
        Long, Ponytail, Wild, Tall Spikey, Dreadlocks, Small Afro, Afro Big,
        Mohawk Short, Mohawk Tall, Mohawk Spikey, Top Knot
      - Medium, Flip, Shy, Shag, Long Part, Wedge, Gamine, Long 1, Long 2, Long Layers,
        Glam, Bangs, Straight, Bun, Low Ponytail, High Ponytail, Pigtails, Pigtails Fat,
        Punk, Parted, Styled, Mod, Spikes, Tall Spikes, Wild, Flat Top, Dreadlocks,
        Small Afro, Big Afro, Top Knot, Mohawk Short, Mohawk Tall
- Gloves:
   In the following categories whenever available:
      - Smooth/Bare, Folded, Flare, Spiked, Finned, Large, Banded, Monstrous, Zombie, Awakened

- Boots:
   In the following categories whenever available:
      - Smooth, Thigh Highs, Talons Tallboot, Stilettos, Platforms, Folded, Flare,
        Spiked, Finned, Large, Banded, Flat, Zombie, Awakened

Hips and Chest options have been built on top of the Rebirth asym torso code. The following
options are now available for female and male models. Huge options are coming with huge asym torsos.

- Chests:
   In all categories for the chest itself. Garments such as jackets, robes, and togas are
   not affected. Baggy and Armored have their own unique set of glowing and animated textures.

- Hips:
   In Bottoms, Bottoms with Skin, legs on Skirts/Short or Kilts/Shorts, Jodhpurs.
   Tucked In and Amrored have their own unique set of glowing and animated textures.

- Pants:
   - Loose Pants, Tight (from the Pants category), Flared, Bell Bottoms, Baggy

- Skirts:
   - Flared, Long, Pencil, Mini


- Sheet Music cape pattern should now display correctly.


Mayor Devito statue has been removed from the city hall men's room
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