Author Topic: PTS July 15, 2022 (Test Server) - RI4  (Read 558 times)


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PTS July 15, 2022 (Test Server) - RI4
« on: July 15, 2022, 10:30:59 pm »
Gadgetry tweaks and bugfixes:
- A new alternate customization theme is available for Nano Net, Wrist Blaster, and Blaster Barrage that focuses on a more lasery feel in addition to the existing energy gauntlet theme.
- The volume on the looping SFX for the Jetpack power's various customization options have been lowered.
- Turbo Boost's animation no longer roots the player, so if it is used while moving it will not interrupt your motion.
- Force Barrier's standard customization now has the correct sounds.
- The continuing FX for Turbo Boost now correctly end when the power's duration expires rather than persisting indefinitely.
- Fixed various slight timing/placement oddities with the animations and FX of several powers.


High Contrast
-Effects expanded to more elements.
-Options menu text and menu help text added and placeholders removed


- Electric Armor: Fixed an FX bug that switched Power Surge to blue lightning for Brutes and Stalkers.

New Epic Pool
- Missing power icons have been restored for Inferno Mastery Consume, and Frost Mastery Block of Ice and Frostbite


Former Mayor Devito's basement shark tank has been decommissioned after his copy of "The Color of Outerspace" was caught antagonizing the sharks again.
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