Author Topic: PTS July 17, 2022 (Test Server) - Ri4  (Read 587 times)


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PTS July 17, 2022 (Test Server) - Ri4
« on: July 17, 2022, 09:48:00 pm »
- Fixed one instance of glowing armor that did not look like armor
- Eliminated opportunity for accidental nudity with a particular glowing skin
- Cleaned up edge seams in one instance of a particular glowing skin


High Contrast Option:
-Move enable selector in the options menu to the Misc section of the General tab.
-Due to how the selector in the options menu works High Contrast mode may only apply to the char you where on when you turned it on.
-Added "-highContrast" as a startup arg to the game.  Adding this line to your launcher args will start the game with High Contrast mode enabled for all chars on your client.
-Some effects cleaned up and added to the mode.
-Help Description strings added for the options menu selector.


Bug fixes:
- Fixed Gadgetry Wrist Blaster and Blaster Barrage occasionally playing wrong/partial animations
- Some Kheldian powers did not play animations in Nova form, this has been corrected
- Savage Melee powers now have finalized sound effects
- Corrected a few bugs with the visual FX on some savage Melee Powers

Former Mayor Devito's Babbage daycare center has been shut down and associated assets seized by the city for unpaid property taxes and utilities bills.  No one was able to provide an adequate defense of the facility after recent events.