Author Topic: Targeting keybinds for problematic enemies and more  (Read 64 times)


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Targeting keybinds for problematic enemies and more
« on: July 25, 2022, 04:23:23 pm »
I have been using the following keybind (bound to my actual targeting key rather than TAB) for a long time now, however I'd like to increase its usability:

/bind TAB "targetenemynext$$targetcustomnext enem aliv sentry$$targetcustomnext enem aliv desire$$targetcustomnext enem aliv sapp$$targetcustomnext enem aliv warde$$targetcustomnext enem aliv mistr$$targetcustomnext enem aliv wid"

My thought is to create a popmenu called Targeting, where I could select enemy groups I'm about to engage, or TFs/Trials/Events I'm about to participate in. Below I have the ones I've thought of listed, along with a one-word descriptor for each target, in priority order from left-to-right. Where the target is a friend or neutral, I have that listed too.

I'd like to eventually create a Player Help/Guide around this, and so would like to make ths list more representative of what we think, rather than just what I think. If you were to use this setup for priority target keybinding, what would you change in the list of Groups/TFs/Trials/Events to include, and what would you change about the priorities?

(Note: targetenemynext would go as last priority in all of the below, so the targeting key would always find a target is one is available)

Enemy groups (with TFs/Trials/Events where it seems to make sense):
Arachnos (Night)
Banished Pantheon (Desire [because psi])
Carnival of Shadows (Quantum, Mistress, Master)
Cimerorans (Romulus, Requiem, Surgeon, Cyclops, Minotaur)
Circle of Thorns (Succubus, Mage, Spectral)
Crey (Quantum, Paragon)
Freakshow/Yin (Clamor, Quantum, Super, Tank, Stunner)
Longbow (Ballista, Warden, Officer, Spec, Nullifier, Flamethrower)
Malta (Sapper, Quantum, Zeus, Titan, Gunslinger)
Nemesis (Fake Nemesis)
PPD (Equalizer, Grenadier, Ghost)
Redcaps/Katie/Winter (Lord, Snaptooth, Mary, Amy [friend], Fiend, Hooligan)
Rikti/MSR (U'Kon, Rider, Quantum, Suit, Magus, Guardian)
Sky Raiders (Castillo, Duray, Engineer, Quantum)
Talons of Vengeance (Gorgon, Keres, Sibyl, Oracle)
Zombies/Halloween (Banner, Nightmare, Husk, Corpse)

TFs/Trials/Events Only:
Apex (Maiden, Pylon, Walker)
BAF (Commando)
Hamidon - Blue Taam (Electrolyte)
Hamidon - Green Taam (Mending)
Hamidon - Yellow Taam (Antibody)
Hamidon - Primary Tanker (Hamidon))
Lambda (Marauder, Chamber, Cache)
Manticore (Wilson, Manning, Birch [friend/neutral?], Hopkins)
Summer (Champion, Cornutus)
Synapse (Bertha, Lord, King, Duke, Baron, Prince)
Tin Mage (11, Walker)


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Re: Targeting keybinds for problematic enemies and more
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2022, 04:45:33 pm »
Maybe include Geneticists and... the healing one for Crey?


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Re: Targeting keybinds for problematic enemies and more
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2022, 05:16:42 pm »
Alright, here we go. The first version of this setup. It uses a popmenu to populate your chat with a bindloadfile command to rebind your TAB key to prioritize targets in a certain enemy group; there is a "Usual Targets" keybind also as a default. There is some setup for this in preparing the keybind files and the popmenu file. I've placed a short readme.txt in the main folder of the attached zip to explain its setup.

If anyone knows how to simplify the rebinding portion of this, I'm all ears. I have tested the following and found it not to work:
1. Calling bind from popmenu.
2. Calling bindloadfile from popmenu.
3. Calling a macro from popmenu which binds.
4. Calling a macro from popmenu which bindloadfiles.
5. Finding a way to compress the targeting in these files to 20 macros and then quickly determining by four-character macro button name or image which is which.