Author Topic: PTS Patch Notes - Jan 22, 2023 (Test Server) - Ri5  (Read 3033 times)


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PTS Patch Notes - Jan 22, 2023 (Test Server) - Ri5
« on: January 22, 2023, 10:17:09 pm »
- Personal Force Field has a new version: instead of turning off after 30 seconds, it instead can be left on indefinitely but re-gains OnlyAffectsSelf after 30 seconds. This restores the old ability to use it indefinitely for pseudo-stealthing, wipe recovery, etc, while preserving the new ability to use it for a 30s period of combat semi-invincibility, and also avoids the issue with the last version of gaining a bunch of aggro and then going splat when the field turns itself off.
- PFF lockout cycle changed from 90s to 120s and recharge increased from 90s to 140s; 33% uptime (30s up, 60s down) on the combat semi-invincibility part was a bit too good.
- Jump Kick now very quickly moves your character towards the foe rather than teleporting to them, for a smoother visual transition.
- Movement and Friction Control for Combat Jumping no longer stacks with other jumping powers. I.E. Super Jump will move exactly the way it did before Combat Jumping could stack with other Jumping powers, rather than having greatly increased movement control compared to live.
- Increased crash cost of Hasten from -15 to -25 endurance to bring it inline with other negatable crashes.
- Quantum Flight's Fly Speed has been brought in line with other flights.

Bug Fixes:
- Mastermind Force Field, Repulsion Field will now correctly be granted by purchasing Force Bubble.
- Travel pool and kheldian travel powers: Updated requirements for Spring Attack, Dive Attack, Whirlwind, Blink Blitz, Starfall, and Extinguish Light so they correctly are mutually exclusive.
- Teleport pool's Blink Blitz and Mass Translocate now correctly disable when in kheldian forms.
- Non-defender versions of Force Field's Barrier Field will now correctly have FX when used on an ally.
- Peacebringer Combat Flight now uses the correct FX.
- Dominator Military Assault, Incendiary Round can now correctly slot ranged damage sets.
- Flight pool and peacebringer flight powers: Dive Attack/Starfall and Aerobatics/Solar Glide no longer have incorrectly swapped IO set options.
- Peacebringer Quantum Flight now accepts fly enhancements.
- Fixed/updated power names and descriptions both in the Teleport pool and other powers.
- Graffiti Symbols are now correctly available in Chest Details for Single Panel Tights on female models.
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