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Request: Contact Reset
« on: January 09, 2023, 02:25:35 pm »
because there are those annoying missions where you have to stop enemies from destroying something or stop someone from escaping and lo and behold they spawn RIGHT NEXT TO THE ESCAPE DOOR, or every single patrol ont he map just happens to spawn near the destructible before you can clear around it.  and before you can load the mission you fail and miss a badge.

we need a contact reset.

I mean it just... doesn't make sense to finish the contact after that happens. it's disheartenning. and when doing a completionist run it means I'll need to ouro it again later for the damn badge. there is more than 1 arc like this and I've just given up on them at this point.

I'd give an example but I just found that according to the wiki I should have never had the missions I was getting. so I will report that bug separately.

having a button which resets the contact so long as you are the right level range would be perfect.

lets also add in, that if you for example get a temporary power that you get to keep, that temp power should at most be refreshed to it's max uses/time. again the criteria is you can only reset the contact if you are in the correct level range. So if you were to level past the level range you cannot reset the contact nor refresh the temp power.

I also think there should be a limit similar to Mission Auto Complete, where you only get so many goes in 24 hours.
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