Author Topic: Focused Feedback: PTS Patch Notes - Feb 13, 2023 TEST SERVER- Ri5  (Read 145 times)


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PTS Patch Notes - Feb 13, 2023 TEST SERVER- Ri5

Jaunt no longer roots, so you can teleport fluidly while running
Request proliferating this change to Mystic Flight also.

We heard the requests wanting a permanent source of extra movement control and friction in both Fly and Super Jump. We also heard the requests wishing for no extra movement control and friction in those powers. We thought about how best to offer such an option. We also considered, one way or the other, what affects this would have on future content down the road beyond anything we've revealed.

After much thinking, we decided there could be a way to have some extra movement control and/or none at all. We've added extra Movement Control and Movement Friction to Acrobatics, Aerobatics (taken back from Afterburner), and Solar Glide (taken back from Quantum Acceleration). Aerobatics and Solar Glide's movement control/friction can stack with Fly and Energy Flight. Acrobatics movement control/friction can stack with Super Jump. Null the Gull has discovered how to suppress extra movement control/friction effects in Acrobatics, Aerobatics, and Solar Glide--he thinks.

What ought to be happening is that Travel Powers (jump and fly) for which Movement Control and Movement Friction are "relevant" factors ought to have a +Control/+Friction AND -Control/-Friction defined for those powers.
The difference is that the +Control/+Friction parameter is modified by enhancements while the -Control/-Friction parameter ignores enhancements.

Basic idea being that if you slot up your Travel powers (jump and fly) with enhancements, those enhancements not only make you "faster/higher/farther" but those same enhancements also increase your Control/Friction, making the way those Travel Powers behave feel "crisper" and more responsive than when they are unenhanced.

Teleport has been given a movement upgrade. If you have any travel power on, or Hover, Teleport's movement restrictions and flight will be negated. These effects also apply to Shadow Step while in human form
Sounds like you have set up basic Teleport to no longer root/immobilize the caster in order to use it.

However, one particular Quality of Life upgrade to Teleport (all flavors) that would be GREATLY appreciated would be a "Hover Until Move" Feature Request™.

Basic idea is similar to what Paragon Studios did to Teleport, giving it a 4 second Hover effect after casting (so you don't fall out of the sky "immediately").
The problem with that implementation is that you're basically "stuck Hovering" for those 4 seconds until the Hover effect wears off (which can be annoying). There's no way to "cancel it early" On Demand if you want to move quickly.

Ideally what you want is you want to trigger a "no speed Hover" effect when Teleporting that will last a few seconds (I'm thinking 6 seconds, so there's time to look around after arriving if you need that time). This Hover effect would be an "automatic toggle ON" (rather than a Click) Temp Power that gets cast immediately after the Teleport animation resolves (so auto chain cast built into the Teleport power, making the operation "seamless" to the Player).

The Hover effect Temp Power Toggle would be keyed to automatically Toggle OFF when any movement command is given (up/down, left/right, forward/backward, strafe left/strafe right).
Recharge time for the Temp Power would be less than animation time of the Teleport Power(s) that could invoke it ... that way you can build a "reusable code" function call that ALL Teleport Powers make use of in common (build once, use repeatedly).

Such a formulation would then enable teleporting up into the sky, giving enough time to look around (spin and camera moves are allowed, but purposeful changing of /location parameters is not) before "gravity resumes" and the character falls out of the sky absent any supporting Power. Note also that such a formulation would "not interfere" with any Flight granting powers (because extra bonus flight when explicitly not moving makes no useful difference). However, by being able to "cancel early" ON DEMAND (by commanding movement) it becomes possible to blend Teleport On The Move with other movement modes (such as running and flight, but also jumping).

Perhaps the most curious Edge Case Use™ for such a Temp Power system would be the enabling of "double jumping" ... where you jump, and at the apogee of the jump you teleport (into a temp hover effect) after which you can JUMP AGAIN (from mid-air!).

Just trying to analyze alternative implementations and game out how they would feel and perform in gameplay.

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