Author Topic: Suggestion/Request: Contact Sorting Options  (Read 4043 times)


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Suggestion/Request: Contact Sorting Options
« on: February 16, 2023, 02:14:01 pm »

The sheer number of contacts, that you are swarmed with in CoH but even in CoV is a real hassle, because you can't move those you don't need at the moment to the Inactive-Tab or elsewhere until you move them back to Active, when you actually want to deal with them. That especially goes for contacts that are event related or special as in the sense of Signature Story Arcs or whatnot. I have several suggestions all leading to the possibility to customise contact sorting.


1. Give players the option to create up to 3 additional tabs they can customise and set contacts so they can be moved into one of those tabs or between these tabs. Just like in E-Mail accounts you can move mails to a separate folder and from there back or elsewhere. The Active, Inactive and Broker tab would stay as they are and all contacts in the Active list, that have been fully dealt with are moved to the Inactive List just like it is now. Contacts that are however moved from the active list to a custom tab stay there until the player either moves them to Active or Inactive (if they have been dealt with outside of the Active tab).

2. Add a 4th tab that contains customise-able folders where players can sort contacts into they don't need right now. These folders act like the Inactive Tab. So if players activate a contact while they are in that folder, they are auto-moved into the Active Tab and if they are dealt with into the Inactive tab like usual. The number of custom folders could be tied to the level. Like you have 1 folder at Lv 1 and get your second at Lv 5 and then either every 10 levels  another or earn-able via in-game content - or buy-able at merit vendors or via the Token Shop. So if there were people saying "I don't want those additional folders" they don't need to bother with them. And those who want them can get them. I wouldn't make it too hard or expensive though, because especially on Blueside you are already flooded with tons of contacts pre Lv 15.

3. A mashup between idea 1 and 2. Custom tabs, but you only get 2 of them "for free" and have to earn the others in-game via merit rewards, architect tickets, token shop, or whatever else you'd want to implement for that purpose. But even here I wouldn't make it TOO hard/expensive though the number of custom tabs could still be tied to the Lv. Like getting the free tabs at 1 and 5 and earning the privilege to "buy" the other tabs at certain levels. The max number of tabs could also already be there but deactivated and they activate as the char levels, or at least the option to activate them could then be granted. Of course that would force these additional tabs also on those who don't want them.

4. Improved filter system connected to another kind of interactive tab. The map changes with your location. So could that special tab (possibly). So it would be a fourth tab that shows acquired contacts based on the location you are in. The Active, Inactive and Broker tab would stay the same, but that fourth tab would say for example "Atlas Park" while you are there and then show only contacts located in Atlas Park. It should function as some sort of copy of the Active tab so you can use it to follow your questlines in that certain area from there as well, like calling and such stuff, and have them moved to inactive as soon as they are outleveled or dealt with. Brokers should NOT end up in there because there aren't that many and Heroes don't have Brokers at all unless you count in those Police Officers that hand you the radio - they COULD sort of be flagged as Brokers for heroes but I'm not sure if they really work like that. Anyways. A 4th tab that changes its "state" to the map you are on would already be a big help. The list in there would be sorted by name and by activity. Those currently "used" are shown at the top and then you have those, that haven't been "used" yet and those would be sorted by name. If you are within an instanced zone this tab would become inactive until you leave the instanced zone. If you urgently have to access a contact from another zone than you are currently in you are still able to use the Active-Tab.


Phew - I guess that sort of covers what was on my mind. Maybe one of those things is actually do-able or maybe it inspires other options.

Best regards,

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