Should Jolting Chain be added to Electric Blast?

Yes, Replace Short Circuit with it
0 (0%)
Yes, but replace something else with it
0 (0%)
Yes, but don't replace anything, make it a second L6 power.
1 (100%)
No, Do not add Jolting Chain to Electric Blasting.
0 (0%)
Undecided, I might vote later
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 1

Author Topic: Request: Allow Jolting Chain For Electric Blast Blasters  (Read 152 times)


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Request: Allow Jolting Chain For Electric Blast Blasters
« on: February 11, 2023, 02:26:29 pm »
Pretty simple, Electric Blasting was as far as I can tell one of the original blaster sets before the devs really knew what the game was going to play like. and before Chain type attacks were introduced.

The devs as such gave Electric Blasting a PBAoE power in Level 6 probably thinking it'd be good for when enemies get close range. But then electric control was invented and with it Chain attack types(such as controller electric control: Jolting Chain). Electric blasting was never revisited to determine if a change was needed to incorporate a chain attack. Or if they did revisit it they decided to leave it alone with Short Circuit.

What I propose is one of the following:

Allow Blaster Jolting Chain to hit the same number of targets as Short Circuit(15?), Upgrade the damage for the Blaster version to Moderate DoT instead of Minor. add +Special against robots, add - recovery.

1: Replace Short Circuit with Jolting Chain.

2: Replace another power with this power. (not sure which power would be fair)

3: allow the player to choose from 2 L6 powers (possibly only able to pick one of them, or both if people think it's better) this would probably require  the most changes to the game as it would make Blaster Electric Blasting 1 power longer than any other blaster primary set.

Feel free to comment to explain your position when voting and to propose any changes to this power contrary to what I propose.

feel free to change your vote later if you change your mind.

This poll is not set to close, the server admins will likely make their decision at some point during the voting or even before the voting but who knows you might change their minds if enough people vote one way or another or someone's comment gives a good justification one way or another.

I voted to make it a second L6 power, so that if someone wants short circuit they can still get it and we don't have to replace any powers, just add another one. It wont change the maximum number of powers a blaster can get in total, but it would add 1 more attack to this set than others. For that reason I think it's fair that the player should only be able to choose 1 L6 primary power Short Circuit OR Jolting Chain.
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