Author Topic: PTS Patch Notes - Feb 19, 2023 (Test Server) - Ri5  (Read 218 times)


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PTS Patch Notes - Feb 19, 2023 (Test Server) - Ri5
« on: February 19, 2023, 01:35:25 pm »
Synapse task force:
- Cutscene in last mission and final fight now have background music
- Clockwork king must be engaged before teleport timer will start
- Thresholds for bonus time in the mindscape have been reduced
- LFG queue entry will now show the appropriate description

- Fly animations and fly poses should no longer have jerky transitions and delays
- Guardians now receive the Power of Black Scorpion temporary power in the Barracuda strike force
- Triumphant Insult disorient proc is now mag 2 instead of mag 1 so that it actually functions
- Vampire's Bite A and B pieces now correctly state that they are unique (they always have been unique, the descriptions were just wrong)
- Vampire's Bite B piece (dam/end) will no longer incorrectly transform into dam/rech when being converted to the Superior version
- Super Reflexes autopowers will no longer have their resistance values incorrectly increased by damage buffs on the character
- Dopplegangers now have appropriate powers when mimicing players with the following power sets: Corruptor Force Field, Dominator Military Assault, Ninja Assault, and Water Control, Controller Water Control, and Guardian Force Composition
- Dopplegangers of players with Guardian Mace Assault will now correctly use arachnos mace attacks instead of crab spider attacks
- Dopplegangers of players with Guardian Stone Composition will now correctly use stone-themed powers instead of having a shield
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