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  • Reach the Stars Costume Contest!: May 20, 2023

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Costume Contest!
« on: May 06, 2023, 10:35:46 am »
Reach the Stars Costume Contest on May 20 4pm EDT!
Come cool your heels for about 30minutes to 1hour!
The Theme of this CC is Stars!       
Location:Imperial city in front of the TPN on Goldside!(Accessible threw Tunnel connection red/blue side)

Bring your best Creations and Make the judges Wonder!
Prizes will be Distributed to the Top3 at the end of the event.

1st Place: A full set of Purple recipes!
2nd Place: A full set of ATOs!
3rd Place: 3 Rare recipe procs!
Honorable mentions:4 enhancement Catalyst(2 or more will be chosen depending on attendance)

Rules for this event:
Bring your best attire and show us your creativity.
You dont have to use new costume pieces from Ri5 but lets just say we all love those new shiny toys we got from the hardworking devs!
If you decide to do a team theme costume tell the judges in advance.Your group will be judge as 1 participation.
If you want to just come sit back and relax and watch the contest youre welcome but dont stand in the contestant line.
You can use your heroes powers such as flying/weapons/shield/etc... if its part of the theme youre going for.
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