Author Topic: Zinnias of Amber (Biography)  (Read 40 times)


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Zinnias of Amber (Biography)
« on: May 15, 2023, 04:33:35 am »

Name (Hero ID): Zinnias, also registered under Brass Bulwark and as Zinnias of Amber
Archetype: Tanker, Scrapper (under Brass Bulwark)
Origin: Natural
Alignment: Hero
Powers: Invulnerability/War Mace (under Zinnias), Broadsword/Shield Defense (under Brass Bulwark), Invulnerability/Staff Fighting (under Zinnias of Amber)

Real Name: Zinnias of Amber
Species: Melitt
Age: 25

Zinnias of Amber is a melitt; a species of insect humanoids recently unearthed from the remains of the underground megacomplex known as Apocrita. It was found under what Paragon City ironically refers as ‘The Hive’.¹ She was born in the amber sector of Apocrita. She worked with her family as a sugar cane farmer. The work had made her strong physically but did little for her confidence. She shied away from contact and danger despite a burning desire to help wherever she could. This continued into the beginning of her adult life.

While Paragon City was busy dealing with the destruction of Galaxy City, the melitt in Apocrita were busy dealing with skirmishes from the amoeba deity poised upon their home: Hamidon. They knew him as the Devourer. Hamidon saw them as another threat to the planet’s purity on the same level as the rest of humanity. The most devastating of attacks was one lead by a Crystal Titan. A lack of ambrosia let the titan wreak havoc upon the melitt forces. Destroying the entire quartz sector and severely damaging buildings in the opal and topaz sectors.¹ Zinnias continued to work hard with her family, but the destruction was something she could not ignore any more.

Opportunity came some months later. Kacob of Quartz had returned from his journey to Paragon City. He had slain the Crystal Titan with the help of Paragon’s Heroes and disproved the merit of ancient isolationist policies. He reported on the world outside their walls. Zinnias could hardly believe the stories herself. The King of Opal gave Kacob his gratitude and asked the gathered crowd for volunteers to venture forth to continue to foster support from humanity. No one was able to gather themselves to volunteer.. except Zinnias. Filled with a sense of determination to overcome her fear of danger, Zinnias volunteered.

She thrust herself with trepidation into danger registered as Brass Bulwark. Clad in padded tri-weave titanium mesh armor and carrying a sword and shield into battle, she fought the many foes found within Paragon’s war walls. The stories were true, each and every one of them! Yet for every threat she faced one yet lay above them all in terms of the danger posed to her family and people; None could compare to the Devourer.

For each new foe faced she gained confidence from this comparison. Her strength built through a lifetime of cutting and processing sugar cane lent itself well to heroics. With help from the heroes she had come to confide in, she eventually put down the shield and sword and rearmed herself a mace. Draconian hero registration bylaws did require her to register the new ‘identity’. Simply as Zinnias she donned a new super hero suit straight from Icon; augmented with armor plate of melitt made purest steel. Her quest to destroy Hamidon has enlightened her to the other threats the world faces. While she continues to strive for the destruction of Hamidon, she has pledged her strength in service to a better world for all.

Today Zinnias of Amber continues seeking to improve herself. One such method is to attempt to learn new techniques and forms of melee combat. Feeling she has come to rely upon her mace, strength, and enhancements there-in too much she has taken up a new arm. Even the simple act of picking up a staff facilitates a new registration under the draconian hero registration bylaws. You may find them registered as Zinnias of Amber.

¹ Lantana of Topaz (2022). ’A treatise on melitt history, evolution, biology, and society’.
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