Author Topic: FARM TANK - Brief note about graphics, fog o war and server technicalities.  (Read 55 times)


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Hey there,

This isn't really a big or long write up but wanted to post this in a semi-permenant way for the widest possible visibility.  Recently we pushed a patch to our client to separate out our graphics local caching folder.  Directly this will have no real noticeable performance improvement but will help longterm reliability.  Previously the client would use a hard coded location to locally store its shader caching information.  This location was shared among all the COX servers, like us, Thunderspy, ect.  The problem would be potential unintended "cross talk" causing interference if one server made changes that another server wasn't set up to handle.  You may play on multiple servers and one of them may suddenly appear broken through no fault of their own. 

There should be no real need for you to worry about this or make any changes.  I just wanted to bring this up for your general awareness.  As a side note this may mean all your zone maps have reset and need to be uncovered again (because that stuff is stored locally in the cache folder). 

We will be monitoring this to ensure it does not cause any issues for the players. 

Thank you
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