Author Topic: PTS Patch Notes - July 6, 2023 (Test Server)  (Read 3095 times)

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PTS Patch Notes - July 6, 2023 (Test Server)
« on: July 06, 2023, 01:50:36 pm »
Pandora's Genesis Wave Refinements

--- Update 1 ---

- Genesis Wave now spawns correctly

- Global Effects: Genesis Wave encounters are determined on a chance roll based on team size. A secondary role occurs after determining the strength of the Genesis Wave. This will result in +1 to +3 level shifts and 1 to 3 stacks of Pandora Energy buffs. Rewards are dependent on the tier of the secondary roll with higher-level shifts granting higher rewards. Rewards include iXP for 50s, Pandora Buffs (mission only), xp, inf, and a roll for additional reward merits, invention salvage, or recipes.

- Most Task/Strike Forces have a chance to spawn Genesis Wave encounters. Enemy buffs from these encounters are limited to a set radius to allow for a spike of difficulty without overwhelming players on higher challenge levels.

- Flashback missions from Twilight Son, Lazarus, Tesseract, and Silos have a chance to encounter the Genesis Wave. As does Calvin Scott, Sister Psyche, Positron (original), and Synapse (original). Flashback Genesis Wave encounters check for EITHER level 50 or completion of either Hero or Villain versions of Pandora's Box: Chapter 3. One player satisfying those requirements will cause the GenesisWave encounter to roll. The Genesis Wave spawns buffs that will affect an entire map.

- Generic Radio/Paper missions have a chance to spawn Genesis Wave encounters. These encounters are limited to tier 1 only, providing a single level shift and a single stack of Pandora Buff.

--- Update 2 ---

- Genesis Wave encounters spawn "Coalesced Primordial Energy" objects. The objects are Untouchable and can only be affected by the "Absorb Primordial Energy" power.

- "Absorb Primordial Energy" is a power that will appear in your server tray once you are within the 10 feet radius of the encountered object. It will only work on the object in the encounter and does not persist on zoning. The power has a 1 second interrupt time which prevents it from being used in the midst of combat.

- Genesis Wave encounters have had their spawns increased to fill out all positions within an EncounterSpawn. This means that at the largest team sizes, these encounters will fill 19 of their 20 positions with enemies and the final position will be filled by the object. This will make these encounters a little more difficult than normal, however, the rewards compensate for the increased difficulty:

- All enemies spawned as part of the Genesis Wave encounter grant iXP to level 50 players equal to their current track [A/B -> C (Lore unlocked) -> D (Destiny unlocked)]. This iXP is weighted based on enemy rank and follows standard level-based curves.

- Prometheus has a few words to say regarding the opening of Pandora's Box.



Genesis Wave Testing features


- Genesis Wave encounters have a 100% chance to spawn for testing purposes.

- Tier 2 chances are set at 50% for testing purposes.

- Tier 3 chances are set at 25% for testing purposes.


Challenge Changes

Added an all-new category of set bonuses called 'Challenge' Set Bonuses.  Challenge Set Bonuses are similar to PVP set bonuses in that they are a secondary set of bonuses available on the new Challenge IO Sets.  These IO Set Bonuses become active whenever a challenge setting is used.

The following sets have received Challenge IO Set Bonuses:
- Synapse's Agility
- Liberty's Belt
- Inexhaustibility
- Imperial Might
- Forced Indoctrination

Synapse's Agility
Challenge Set Bonuses:
  • 2-piece: 3.75% Endurance Discount
  • 3-piece: 12% Movement Speed
  • 4-piece: 2% Recovery
  • 5-piece: 11% Accuracy
  • 6-piece: 3.5% Damage

Liberty's Belt
Challenge Set Bonuses:
  • 2-piece: 1.35% Endurance
  • 3-piece: 1.88% Health
  • 4-piece: 3.13% Smash/Lethal Defense, 1.56% Melee
  • 5-piece: 7.5% Movement Speed
  • 6-piece: 4.5% Smash/Lethal Resistance, 7.5% Mez Resistance

Imperial Might
Challenge Set Bonuses:
  • 2-piece: 1.88% Health
  • 3-piece: 5% Chance for Repel Protection
  • 4-piece: 3.13% Smash/Lethal Defense, 1.56% Melee
  • 5-piece: 7.5% Recharge Time
  • 6-piece: Total Might Bonus

Forced Indoctrination
Challenge Set Bonuses:
  • 2-piece: 2.5% Endurance Discount
  • 3-piece: 10% Range
  • 4-piece: 4.5% Smash/Lethal Resistance, 7.5% Mez Resistance
  • 5-piece: 2.63% Health
  • 6-piece: Residual Will: Regen, RES Status Effects

Special Enhancement effects from these sets will also remain active during Challenges.

Disabled 120s Procs when the 'No Set Bonuses' challenge setting is enabled.

Costume Updates

  -Cropped Tees and Cropped Tank to Female Robotic Arms categories
  -Harness Chest Detail to Female Jackets categories
  -No Undershirt option to Casual Blazer in Jackets
  -Tights Option to Short Sleeve in Jackets

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed texture error with Catsuit and Leotard. Fixed Detail 3 entries for male Full Helmets.
- Fixed typos in Umbral Blast.
- Fixed Gravitic Emanation power info incorrectly reporting Knockback.
- Gravitic Emanation will no longer accept Knockback enhancement
- PvP IO Movement Speed set bonuses now match normal IO Movement Speed bonuses.