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Sweet Innocence
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Sweet Innocence


♦~♛~♥Personality traits♥~♛~♦
crazy | selfish | clever | spoiled | malicious

(Rogue to-be)



♦~♛~♥Secret Identity (for Day Jobs)♥~♛~♦
Candace Swans

♦~♛~♥Former Residence♥~♛~♦

♦~♛~♥Current Residence♥~♛~♦
Rogue Isles



Energy Aura

♦~♛~♥Battle Cry♥~♛~♦
Pretty please!

♦~♛~♥Super Group♥~♛~♦
Mentally Hilarious

Candace Swans is the only daughter of Michael and Melissa Swans. They run a highly successful international medical and chemical product company and are away on business a lot. The time they spend at home with their daughter they used to spoil her to death. Candace was their little princess and they used to call her 'Sweety Belle' or 'Sugar Plum' when she was still under 10. The nannies the couple engaged to take care of their daughter while they were on business trips were overstrained fast since the child was very demanding. The home teachers were hand-picked but with 10 the couple sent their daughter to an exclusive boarding school for children and youngsters of rich and/or influential families. She quickly learned that she couldn't act like the spoiled bratty child she was and instead learned how she could use her cute and sweet behavior to gain attention or lay the blame for her failures on others. When she was 12 she discovered that she was different from all the other youngsters because she seemed to have powers. She was able to engulf herself in a faint rosy mist and become invisible to a certain degree. From that day on she used that power for a lot of mischief without taking the blame for it. She wasn't dumb, but she didn't really care for her grades. She used her power and her cute and sweet traits to receive better grades than she actually deserved to avoid having to explain it to her parents. With her power she was able to steal sweets and other things in shops and with 13 she already knew that she was blessed with beauty and that she was considered sexy by male school mates. She was only 14 when she lost her virginity and how it felt to be drunk and on weed. Basically there was nothing she didn't at least try until she turned 18. By that time she had also discovered, that she could cover her body in shiny spikes and how to shoot them out of her hands. Of course she didn't do that in the public. In the night of the high school prom however it happened. She was pretty drunk and made out with the boyfriend of the prom queen behind the gym where the party was being held, before driving away with him in his Dodge Challenger. After arriving at an unlit parking area at the start of a forest hiking trail they continued to make out undressing each other in the process. The mixture of hormones and alcohol as well as the tension led to a lethal experience for the guy. Her spiky power manifested at the peak of their activity and her whole body was covered in toxic spines and due to how close their bodies were he was perforated by them. At first she was shocked but seeing him suffer and eventually die in a pretty gruesome way threw a switch inside her.

Since her clothes were covered in blood she decided it was best to use her hiding power to escape from the scene. Instead of going back to the party she went back to her room, took a shower and stuffed her party dress into a bag. Her suitcase for returning home was already packed so she hid the bag underneath the other clothes. The next morning she took the shuttle bus to the station like other students and took the train home. It was while she was on her journey home when the dead body of the guy she had killed was found by a man who was about to go hiking. When she was back at home in Worcester, she saw it on the news that a dead student covered in holes had been found. Over the next days the case was discussed in shows and several forensic specialists were interviewed. None of them seemed to have a clue about what weapon could have been used. In case her DNA had been found at the crime scene she used the fire pit in the garden to burn her bloody party dress and her underwear of that day. Using the internet she found web pages were people were discussing super human powers and in that context Paragon City and the Rogue Isles were sometimes mentioned. So she was apparently super human like those heroes she had been hearing of in her childhood and during the time on the boarding school. But a hero doesn't go and kill people, right? Plus, she hated that she had to keep this happening and her powers secret. She wanted attention for what she did but at the same time she didn't want to go to jail. Since her parents were again on a business trip and she was old enough to not need a nanny anymore, she was alone at home with some employees like cooking personnel, security guards and a cleaning worker. She decided it was time she paid Paragon City a visit to see heroes at work and maybe get in touch with people who had powers like her. Since she wanted to avoid the security at the airport she booked a first class train ride down there.

After a week in Paragon City and having a few harmless talks with talkative fledgling heroes she was approached by some shady guys who apparently wanted to kidnap her for ransom. She wasn't really afraid because the guys were around the same age and the whole thing felt pretty sloppy. She used some sweet talk and flirted with the most attractive of the 4 guys telling them that she had always wanted to see a gangster hideout and that she was thrilled that they had picked her even though she had lethal powers. The guys were dumb and inexperienced enough to fall for her sweet talk and the guy she had flirted with decided she could go with them and if she had some money she could even become a member of their gang. She wasn't really interested to become a member of that poor little gang, but she felt excited to hang out with gangster – poor or not. The gang consisted of 9 members and was hopelessly lost against big players like the Hellions, the Skulls, the Outcasts and the Trolls. None of them had powers and none of them were able to get Superadine without selling their hide to another gang. The leader of the gang was a few years older than the rest and actually pretty handsome. While she was there he tried to feel her up but she pushed him away with a pretty smile and threatened him with her powers. The leader wasn't as dumb as the other guys and wanted proof. She told him that she killed a guy a few days ago. Since the case of her dead prom squeeze had also made its way into the local newspapers of Paragon City and one of them happened to lie on the grungy table of the room she pointed at it. The gang leader grabbed the newspaper and leafed through it until he found the article of the situation she had described. After he was done reading he smirked and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He still wanted proof. She smiled and said that the proof would kill him. He only laughed so she used her hiding power and immediately the 8 other gang members backed away from her. The leader was at least impressed but didn't see how her stealth power would be lethal for him, but the next moment it occurred to him, that the killed student had been perforated by something the article described as a torturing method from medieval times – the iron maiden. Most likely because they just couldn't piece it together. He told her that he had enough of a proof but it was too late. Two of her toxic spines had already drilled themselves into his abdomen. She wasn't hidden anymore, but still covered in spines. The gang members didn't dare to come closer, some of them looked horrified.

On that fateful day she became the head of a small gang. Since she had powers they said she needed a costume like a hero so nobody would be able to recognize her und their heists and that would underline her beauty since they didn't want her to dress up like a common mugger. So she used her considerable amount of pocket money to visit an Icon store to get her a professional hero costume, though she stated it was for a hero themed costume party. She told the tailor she wanted something sexy but girly and innocent with a lot of pink. It took a few days until she was able to pick up the costume and back at the hideout of the gang she changed into it. On that day Sweet Innocence was born and with her help the gang was able to grow. With the money she invested they bought weapons and a better hideout and went on several successful heists. Everything seemed to fall into place neatly until the day they were waylaid by a group of Outcast Thugs. The street fight would have ended in her early death if it wasn't for two fledgling heroes who arrested the thugs, but also her own gang members or at least those that were still alive. She was pretty beat up herself and also sent to the Zig with the other super powered thugs. The gang members that had survived were sent to a regular jail. Within the infirmary of the Zig she was treated and also received power suppressants. Due to her powers she had displayed on the gang heists and having been on the same high school she was identified as the culprit of the dead perforated student case and her parents didn't pay her a lawyer. In fact they treated her like a failure and broke ties with her including everything she used to have access to. She was now officially considered a villain. But then again she finally received attention for the things she had done and it turned out to be a good comfort for her. Someday she would get out of here and then she'd show them – she'd show them all!

♦~♛~♥Theme Songs♥~♛~♦
Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho
Matchbox Twenty - She's so mean
The Velvet Underground - Femme Fatale
James Blunt - Dangerous
Kiss - Murder in High-Heels

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