Author Topic: LIVE SERVER - Patch Notes - August 27, 2023  (Read 2431 times)


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LIVE SERVER - Patch Notes - August 27, 2023
« on: August 27, 2023, 09:15:17 pm »
Patch Notes:
  • All continuous spherical Attract effects now have an inner radius of 5 feet, unless they already had a larger one. This small dead zone prevents the jitter bug where affected entities rapidly move back and forth near the center of the effect, without impacting the overall attract effectiveness. This affects all versions of Quicksand, Whirlwind, and the attract effects on Gravity's Singularity and Wind's Vortex. (Containment Shell and Black Hole already had inner radii.)
  • Attract on Quicksand and Black Hole split into player-affecting and critter-affecting effects, and restored the missing tohit check on the player-affecting versions, following the lead of other continuous attract/repel powers. This means that these powers will now correctly not be 100% reliable against player targets, as intended for these types of effects.
  • Apex Task Force, Mission 2: Battle Maiden and her ambushing Animated Swords will now spawn correctly, so the mission can once more be completed. Note: as a side effect of this fix, the Apex Task Force will not be eligible for Genesis Wave spawns until a future fix can be applied.
  • Mender Silos Strike Force, Mission 2: Sister Psyche once more spawns correctly.

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