Author Topic: LIVE SERVER - Patch Notes - June 2, 2024  (Read 2594 times)


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LIVE SERVER - Patch Notes - June 2, 2024
« on: June 02, 2024, 10:13:25 pm »
City of Heroes Pride Event

Pride comes to City of Heroes Rebirth! This is the start of a new but humble event that we'll be running during most of June. During the Pride event a rainbow will appear in the skies of Atlas Park, Cap au Diable, and Nova Praetoria. (Astute observers may notice the rainbow changing colors!) Anyone who logs into the game during the event will receive the Proud badge.

  • A rainbow will appear in the north sky of Atlas Park and Cap au Diable as well as in the east sky of Nova Praetoria.
  • As you watch, the colors of the rainbow shift and change. Astute observers may notice familiar colors in the mix...

New Dance Emotes

Accompanying this event, five brand-new dance emotes have been added! Get your groove on with these stylish new moves and express your inner self!


Access this dance with /e dance12, /e dancegroove, or /e groovedance

Shuffle Back:

Access this dance with /e dance13, /e shuffledance, or /e shuffleback


Access this dance with /e dance14, /e dancemystic, /e mysticdance, or /e mysticstance


Access this dance with /e dance15, /e wednesdaydance, /e dancewednesday, or /e gothdance


Access this dance with /e dance16, /e twistdance, or /e twist

Security & Bug Fixes
The following security and bug fixes should have no impact in the game world:
  • Backend software updated to handle a potential stability issue that can arise from a bug in the server communication handling.  The issue could affect anything associated with the mapserver or login operation.
  • Backend software updated to handle denial of service attacks.
  • Fixed an exploit that could be used to transfer a character.
  • Added extra character validation to account fields to prevent erroneous data transmission.
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