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TEST SERVER - Feb, 28, 2021 - Ri1
« on: March 01, 2021, 03:43:23 pm »

     - Number of base slots for every player character has been increased.  Values have been adjusted so that there is a progression of available slots as you level. (Roughly 5 slots every 5 levels.....ish )

    - Base rent will no longer be calculated on the items in the base.  The exact value that each SG would pay was hard to anticipate and may have hindered some SGs from placing more items that they may have wanted.
    - SG base rent now calculated based on plot size.  These numbers are still up for discussion and may be subject to change.  However rent is currently set to be much less then it was on live.

    - UI hard coding issues have been adjusted to allow more characters per account to be created.  Due to the nature of the UI slots can only be increased in multiples of 12.
    - Current slots on every account should now be 96.  This is from 12 slots on 8 pages.  This number may be subject to increase at a future date if there is demand for it.

Martial Prowess
    An Ancillary Power Pool for Scrappers and Stalkers themed around the idea of using techniques from history.

         - Your experience in melee combat and your drive to improve has given you access to new techniques from a wide variety of disciplines. You utilize skills from archers and warriors of the medieval age to ninjitsu techniques of the shinobi.

- El Bee

    Universal powers available to both:
        Entangling Arrow
            - ST immobilize with -fly
            - Similar to Entangling Arrow from Trick Arrow
        Warriors Mark
            - ST Res and Def debuff (20 second duration) that gives Enemy Data in your Combat Attributes
            - Similar to Surveillance but with a natural/magic theme
            - 45 second recharge time
        Gather Chi
            - Click Regen and Recovery buff
            - Currently valued as twice as effective as Physical Perfection with up to half uptime on SOs.
            - 30 second duration with a 120 second base recharge
            - requires 2 powers

    Scrapper Exclusives
        Aimed Shot
            - st moderate damage range attack from a hand crossbow with high critical chance
            - 12 second recharge
            - requires 1 power pick
            - Moderate range teleport that gives 8 seconds of Intense Stealth and moderate damage boost
            - 120 second recharge time
            - requires 1 power pick

    Stalker Exclusives
        Assassins Arrow
            - st moderate damage ranged attack using your customizable bow. Double damage from hide
            - 6 second recharge
            - requires 1 power pick
        War Cry
            - PBaoe to hit and damage debuff. Chance of 2 mag terrorize.
            - 90 second recharge
            - requires 1 power pick

New Cosmetic Options

    Emblem Pack 1
        - New Emblems! Emblem Pack 1 is now available on PTS. There are 17 new emblems, starting with Star 17 - Star 23 inline with legacy star emblems and another batch found at the bottom of your chest symbol list.

        To be found in the Stars section of your alphabetized symbol list:
            - Star 17 (upwards shooting star)
            - Star 18 (5 star V)
            - Star 19 (interlinked stars)
            - Star 20 (triple bubble star)
            - Star 20 Rainbow (triple bubble star w baked in rainbow)
            - Star 21 (star fan)
            - Star 22 (star tunnel)
            - Star 23 (twin stars pulling away from each other)

        To be found at the bottom of your symbol list:
            - Barbell
            - Hammer & Wrench
            - Moon 2
            - Poison Syringe
            - Seahorse
            - Syringe
            - Weightlifter
            - Wrecking Ball

    - Please help us test! Every emblem should be available in all contexts for each gender, including on any shield that accepts emblems and even in super group base decorations.
Cape Packs 1 & 2

    - New capes are currently only visible on male. Fix is already patched in for next build to make these appear on female and huge characters.

New cape patterns are now available wherever you find listings for basic cape patterns. 45 new patterns in total. All can be found at the bottom of the standard cape pattern list in your character creator.

    Cape Pack 1:
    To be found at the bottom of your cape patterns list:
        - All Seeing
        - Arbol
        - Astrolabe
        - Big Bolt
        - Cosmic Contrails
        - Crescent
        - Dart
        - Donkey
        - Fleur
        - Hive Tech
        - Icy Tunic
        - Keyhole
        - New Star
        - Serrated Fern
        - Splash

    Cape Pack 2
    Found below Cape Pack 1 in alphabetic order:
        - Art Deco 1
        - Art Deco 2
        - Button
        - Cleave
        - Crystalline
        - Flame Tongues
        - Fur 1
        - Fur 2
        - Gale Force
        - Geode
        - Gossamer Strands
        - Halftone
        - Impossible Dots
        - Ink
        - Lewitt
        - Lily Pad
        - Pangolin
        - Quizzical
        - Rockslide
        - Rose Curl
        - Sakura
        - Sheet Music
        - Spider Web 1
        - Spider Web 2
        - Stingray
        - Tradewinds
        - Triangles
        - Wasp
        - Waterfall
        - WPA

    Glove Diversification Phase 1:
    Glove Diversification debuts on Rebirth PTS! Many glove models that prior had only 1 possible wrist skin can now be customized to match many base textures and all standard glove patterns.

        This change affects the following glove models:
        - Tai
        - Overguard
        - Barbarian Ring (M & H only)
        - Small Pointed Glove
        - Small Flared Glove
        - Small Padded Glove (F)
        - Tied
        - Wristbands
        - Dragon Bracer (F)
        - Cloud Bracer (F)
        - Plant w/ Leaves
        - Spines

    Customizable metallic variants have been added to the game:
        - Small Pointed Glove
        - Small Flared Glove
        - Small Padded Glove (F)
        - Dragon Bracer (F)
        - Cloud Bracer (F)

    Static glowing variants of the following have been added:
        - Small Pointed Glove
        - Small Flared Glove
        - Dragon Bracer (F)
        - Cloud Bracer (F)

    Animated glowing variants of these are also now available:
        - Small Pointed Glove
        - Small Flared Glove
        - Dragon Bracer (F)
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