Author Topic: TEST SERVER Patch Notes May, 23, 2021 - Ri1e2  (Read 5850 times)


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TEST SERVER Patch Notes May, 23, 2021 - Ri1e2
« on: May 23, 2021, 09:58:17 pm »
Super Reflexes
    -Adjust Practice Brawler Absorb so is does not drop completely for 2 seconds

HEAT/VEAT side locking
    -Epic Archetypes can now only start on the side they were intended to be created for.  They are not locked out of the alignment system and can still switch sides.
    -Their story arcs and other factors lead us to correct this error that we were not aware of.   Current characters already created are not affected by this.

    Reduced prices of Astral Merit Rare and Uncommon Recipes
        Dev Note: Cut by 1/4th.

    Increased PVPIO drop rate from Reputation kills from 1 percent to 6 percent
        Dev Note: This rate matches the rate of Rare recipe drops with a Windfall temporary power active. Kills still need to be worth reputation and there is still a 10 minute cooldown between drop chances.
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